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your daily reminder that the sudden elimination of a capitalist state will not address homophobia, racism, ableism, and other implicit biases

even if the revolution was tomorrow, we would still have work to do to get to an actually equitable world

one of the reasons that white anarchists frustrate me is this belief that if you topple the state, the goodness of people will float up and all that pesky racism stuff will melt away.

this is a dangerous belief. the revolution doesn't end at revolt.

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a love like the kind to light the night's sky. effervescent as a dying star.

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the moon is the sun at night, but only sometimes.

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hi, this is actually the same scarly crow that used to reside at

i'm going to be lazy now and go back to my original home instance while i continue to plan on how to overthrow the world and bring about a socialist revolution

hi fediverse :blobreachbounce: . art and archery are the closest things i got to religion lol :blobteefs:

hope to hang out with fellow nerds and artists here :blobnerd:

i'll be posting art soon :blobsunglasses:

archery is gay. straight ppl are not allowed to archery.

Whilst on strike: "your work is vital to the functioning of the university, and your refusal to do it causes severe harm both to the institution and students that attend it. it is vital that you return to work immediately"

Whilst not on strike: "we can unfortunately not allocate a minor amount of additional resources to improve workplace conditions. other sections are more important than yours"

job stuff 

when your boss lives in terror, your director doesn't want to offend bad people by telling them "no", and no one understands that you literally are dying at your job.... it's time to get a new job!

sadly, our capitalist society makes this thing difficult to the point of sometimes being impossible. one does not simply Get A New Job. it's more work to find work

Imagine, playing space games in 4d. You'd have to wear a space suit irl to survive the freezing vacuum of your living room.

The best games are those that allow more paths to play than just blowing everything up.

i go to when i want to feel happy about not being one of the cool kids. it seems to take a lot of energy to come up with that much bs.

nine times out of ten, i stare at the box and have literally no idea what to say

i really don't like insincere feelings. honestly, it's just less trouble overall if people just say what they're thinking. that way, i don't have to guess who to steer clear of.

sometimes, i feel like i'm so tired, i've actually overflowed the integer and now i'm wired

i'm really not made for cold weather. my entire body seems to turn into an ice cube and i end up just kinda sliding everywhere i wanna go


i don't read the news as much as i used to. the amount of bad takes in mass media have reached a critical mass of late. it really isn't worth keeping up with, considering the stress already involved in just day to day life

@scarly she exists, just not in any measurable sense where the internet is concerned

she's like... Schrodinger's gf. except... wait, she isn't Schrodinger's gf, she's our gf.

i keep saying that i'm going to drop out of programming and focus on anything else

i keep not doing that

tech hot take 

ruby was wrecked by ruby on rails, bc it sucked all of the air out of the room

do you remember forums? does anyone remember forums?

Study Finds Black Students In The US Are Being Crushed By Student Loans More Than Any Other Race - Blavity

A recently released report from the Center For American Progress shows that Black students are suffering more than almost any other demographic in the United States when it comes to student loans, particularly those who have taken out loans for graduate school.

remember to always treat your bunns with care and love, offering frequent hugs and headpats. :bunhdheart:

...what? no, ofc i'm not biased. this is just common sense :abunhd:

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