@neauoire Great to see it's already working on PlayDate! Hope it ends up working on SQFMI's upcoming "Franky" at some point as well!

Basic necessities and more superflous stuff shouldn't be produced and distributed under the same system

Money should be a secondary system at best, not the primary way in which we get basic resources.

Then, worst case scenario is "I have to wait a couple of months instead of being an early adopter of this new device" rather than "I'm gonna starve this month while my ex-boss feasts"

Some positions I'd like would be social media manager, artist for socially conscious pages (open-source, right-to-repair, human rights, ecology and so on) as well as some more light-hearted posts around the project itself and other cool relevant topics. wackymau@gmail.com

It doesn't solve human and ecological exploitation, it makes it worse in most cases.
Unless you take care of those things, it's not "better than money", it's just a different kind of money. (2/2)

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It's weird how many crypto enthusiasts believe it "solves" money. "Money 2.0" can't solve its inherent issues, only post-money mindsets can.
It's like...instead of getting currency from a foreign country on an exchange because you have "faith" in its "value", you get it from a country-less entity. Wether you like that organization or not, they can't solve the issues that plague global capitalism because they are built under the same basic principles.

@neauoire Yes! Uxn already runs on SHARP Memory LCDs, so this makes a ton of sense. I can imagine it being ported to PlayDate or an open-source alternative like SQFMI's Franky.

Same boat, sooo many sources of knowledge nowadays...and yet, college is considered as the one and only legit provider of it by too many people (including including my parents :/)

trans stuff, breasts 

"Anything less flat than a tortilla is forbidden...unless you're a cis male"

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People who upload ROMs, ISOs, and other media images are fucking heroes.

As are firmware breakers and flashcard makers.

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