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I'm not sure where this comes from, but I feel so obligated to be friends with family on social media, even slightly estranged ones. Letting them have access to me makes me feel.. watched, maybe slightly paranoid? And anytime they post something negative I know includes me, it makes me feel like shit about myself. Societal expectations just suck..

I don't want people to assume that I'm a man or that I'm a woman when they first see me. When they see me, I want people to fear for their life

*searches how to make friends as an adult*
Oh so the big bad internet's gonna tell me to leave my house? Thanks but can't relate

Plural things 

So, it was a few days ago, but I think I finally got one name from someone in the system, so that's exciting. It was a name I've been obsessed with since I was a kid and couldn't figure out why since "I" didn't want to be named that? It's all starting to come together 🙌

So guess who got their tongue pierced after years of my family telling me it would look "trashy"? We did! Yay!

I can't actually describe how often I think about the Thneed from the Lorax, but it's a lot

I wish I saw more relatable demisexual content. Like.. "I listened to a Rex Orange County song and now I feel like forming a big feel" or is this just me?

tfw you stop dissociating and try to improve your life (i.e my life rn but also not today cause tired)

Potentially gross, feet/toes 

A tow truck, but it's a toe truck. And you lift up the toenail like the hood of the truck

The time of the night where we play the game of: am I high, tired, or sad?

So you think you "hate cops" huh?

And what would you do without them?

Learn self-defense? Organize your local communities? Do community patrols Black Panther-style? Handle conflict mediation without a racist incarceration system that doesn't work?

...actually that sounds dope

Remembering that classic moment when the musician Prince created a symbol for himself that is a combination of the symbols for male and female, and literally sang "I'm not a woman; I'm not a man. I am something that you'll never understand." and The Cis were still like "what a man!"

Mental health, disability, lonely 

Idk how to communicate at all anymore and it feels like I just have to learn to be content in loneliness. I want to have friends, but at this point it feels like I'm scared to make a connection since it wasn't so long ago that my health isolated me from everyone. I just don't want people to abandon me so I guess now I just leave first, even though it feels ridiculous.

I just kind of went radio silence again, sorry for that and to anyone I was talking with on here before that happened 😓

I know I'm not supposed to do this but everytime I meet another LGBT person I just wanna say "Fuck yeah!!!!" And high five them

something that's been on my mind lately: white folks spend So Much time and money killing plants just because they aren't the one kind of plant they want growing there. like... nature is so abundant, if we just stopped fucking poisoning and chopping things all day long there would be plants everywhere in like 3 months. many of those would be edible. we spend so much energy just stopping nature from doing its thing.

(this is not a metaphor but it could be. what are you weedwhacking in your soul?)

online lefty queer spaces are inherently prone to drama because we’re all thoroughly fucked up by the world and having to relearn how to socialize, often from scratch, and inventing new modes of interaction on the fly is rough.

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