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do you like cool pins??? do you like computers??? well check out this cool computer pin i'm still selling!!!

we don't have a store for them so you can buy them directly thru paypal to me, $8 USD per pin plus $5 USD flat-rate international shipping!

made a real fuckin quick and dirty track just to prove to myself that i could

not super proud of it but hey it's music all the same

if you want these pins! we have not set up a proper store yet but i can manually take orders, we have about 90 of them left to go

DM me for paypal, they go for $8 per pin, $5 flat rate shipping worldwide up to 10 pins

@transbian these just came in and they are absolutely wonderful :blobaww:

fantastic work :blobheart:

We've got pins!

Freshly delivered to the @transbian shipping and fulfillment centre and ready to be sent out by our crack team of trained hedgehogs!

i'd like to collaborate with someone on transbian alliance some day. it's called an alliance but so far it's only ever been me creating for it and i want other transbian people to join the group. if this is something you want to do (and you got something to bring to the table ofc) please let me know. boosts appreciated

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