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Sam the Octopus @troubleMoney

Shit, RISC-V must be getting somewhere, ARM have started a FUD campaign against it

@troubleMoney i honestly don't get it why people were so adamant about panning risc-v

i've been hearing about it for years now and i've always been supportive of it

people are too pessimistic, i say

@maple I think it might just be that development has taken a while and some people thought it was vaporware or something

That and the usual pushback against anything new

@troubleMoney pretty much but i've seen people be like *against* it

and it just struck me as like

old people being against the television with how it would kill the radio

@maple well, video did kill the radio star after all

@maple @troubleMoney I don't like it! But the reasons I don't like it are also reasons I don't like ARM or x86 or POWER or... pretty much anything that exists outside of research labs honestly.

Namely we need to stop building machines that pretend to have a flat memory model and serial execution. That's not how modern processors work, and pretending that it is holds us back and introduces bugs (sometimes security-critical, hi specter and meltdown)


BWAHAHAHAhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... number 4 on the list..... hold on... let me catch my breath....


@troubleMoney 6. no javascript-specific instructions

>talking about competitor
What did you expect?

@troubleMoney " RISC-V based products are relatively new and have yet to benefit from years of scrutiny from partners and industry experts." gotta reject all new architectures solely because they are new!!

@troubleMoney My favorite part is "You can modify the ISA, which is bad!...Also modifying an ISA is expensive, which is bad!"