As a note to our new tumblr friends, the fediverse is a primarily volunteer-run thing with the admins paying for all the server costs out of their own pockets

If you'd like to chip in towards keeping the fediverse running then most admins have patreon or kofi links somewhere that you can throw a couple of bucks at from time to time

@troubleMoney If I were to donate, should I only donate to admins of the instance I'm in? Or can I donate to admins of any instance?


@indianmidgetninja Each instance admin pays the bills for that particular instance, there's no shared fund

So if you're thinking of donating then I'd suggest donating to the instance you're using's admin because they're the one keeping the lights on where you are

Feel free to donate to other instance's admins as well of course, this isn't a competition and every instance helps the fediverse toot along

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