Sam the Octopus
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come the apocalypse people will still want their memes

I forsee many people wandering from town to town with usb drives working as meme traders

swapping lolcats for food to survive in the brave new world

@troubleMoney I can't wait for image macro memes like "When you're starving and it's been 3 days 😂"

this idea is free for anyone to make into a short story/novel/webseries/film/tv show

@troubleMoney I was still absorbing the brilliance of it. I hadn't quite decided to turn it into a novel or a movie yet,

@troubleMoney I knew my rare memes would come in handy one day

@troubleMoney i have 20 rare pepes on usb, how much you want for the philosoraptor pin?
we don't take kindly to pepe round these parts


jesus christ I do not want to imagine me singing my terrible song parodies with my even worse singing voice from town to town because I forgot how handwriting works by that point due to distraction and trauma

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