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"hey harp the wigglytuff, why aren't you following me?!"

honestly just poke me and i most likely will! i just find that i spend most of my time hanging out in the federated timeline instead of the home timeline, so i haven't really gotten into the habit of following people that much.

it ain't me being a brat or vagueing you, it's just doofy brain at work. feel free to poke me if you'd like a follow back!

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a note on my tagging for CWs:

i may be a little slow to tag for CWs, particularly as i look for ones that may be new to me but common on mastodon.

i promise this is not the token cishet being ornery or stubborn; it's me having a moment. the various medicines i take for my illnesses (including pain meds, etc) mean sometimes i don't brain so good.

i promise it's not malice, and i will always be happy to put cw on things if asked, feel FREE to do so and TELL ME if i've forgotten!

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more introductory stuff that i should pin:

1. i have a really cute dog! her name is holly! you'll find me tagging pics of her often with ! 🐶

2. i really am getting into fashion as much as spoonie body will allow, and i particularly like ! (NOT touching the fetish aspect of it at all. i just like frilly dresses!) i am working on chronicling my endeavors there at and ! 💖

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to actually make a proper post of it: one of the things you'll be hearing me blather about often is my au version of from my fanfic that i am way, way, way too invested in. as the fanfic is called 'masquerade', you'll hear me talk about masquerade!vader a lot, because i'm enough of a fandom old to use that term!character format.

the actual fanfic itself is at if you're bored/wish to torture yourself/etc.

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phew, okay. i guess i should put in some here! i'm harp, i'm 30, token cishet girl lol. i'm disabled with chronic pain issues, try my best to be chill and kind, and haven't been in the furry community for like... decade and a half really, but hopefully having furcadia installed still is furry enough to come hang out here! i look forward to meeting y'all and connecting with other who are flocking to mastodon :yell:

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in which a wigglytuff subtoots Show more

in which a wigglytuff subtoots Show more

i was gonna post "kesha has no right to go as fucking hard as she does" but then i thought about it and realized that kesha has EVERY right to go as fucking hard as she does

When my youngest is playing Pokémon, he always says “Jigglybuff”.

egregious tmi health whining (this is going to be a reoccurring theme for a bit, sorry) Show more

dog pls it's okay the electric fireplace gives us warm it's good

for reference on how to do this kind of headline properly, drink in the magnificence of this masterpiece

Low budget gangsta rap video about and starring farmers from around the world that deal in bootleg firmware for farm machinery and seeds that violate corporate patents

gosh i need to play shadowrun hong kong but i keep running up against the fact that i am bad at video games

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That "personality test" Show more

well i was going to get up but now my dog's come and sat on me so i'm trapped forever

..........i think actually meat provides the nutrients so you wouldn't die of beriberi, but out of all the nutritional deficiencies i feel like beriberi definitely has the greatest comedy potential in its name (as scurvy is more associated with pirates and thus muddies the punchline, etc.)

but then again peterson also touts his diet of only water, beef, and salt, like literally that's it nothing else not even pepper, so uh

boy howdy the man's a dumbass

can't wait until he and all his loyal copycat followers keel over of beriberi or some shit

and i say this as somebody who is actually pretty fond of jungian analysis in some respects


jung didn't really come up with serious psychology, the same way the humoral system of medicine tried and failed to make, well, medical science

it's some fantastic things for literary critique but to use it as psych makes as much sense as using campbell's hero's journey as a method for treating your ADHD. it just don't work lol

honestly all you really need to know about jordan peterson's intelligence is that he thinks Jung is still psychology

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