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new star trek tng spinoff series idea:


it's just guinan chilling in ten forward, solving people's problems for them, and inventing sometimes-topical new cocktails (today's special: "the warrior's drink", prune juice with a floating layer of jagermeister, which is set on flame before you drink it)

the special that has become a permanent menu item is "the picard day special: tea, earl grey, hot, with enough rum in it to deal with whatever bullshit is happening today" (aka rum, neat, with a tiny droplet of tea carefully applied to the top by pipette)

also tribbles happen at some point, because they are the best part of star trek sorry it's just facts

the tribble episode is probably guinan having to fight rumors that she's making moonshine from all the excess tribbles happening everywhere as tribbles typically do

whether this is true or not will be left. .........unclear. but hey the customers weirded out by it come back so

@wigglytuffitout is there a subplot of wesley always ordering a glass of milk despite everyone trying to get him to drink anything else?

@boisdevache i would like to suggest the reverse:

wesley orders basically everything alcoholic on the menu, always gets a glass of milk

"there's the drink you ordered" "but i wanted that rum cocktail!!!!!!!" "we all have things we want, wesley. drink your milk"

@boisdevache bonus if the joke becomes more and more elaborate as wesley attempts to attain booze

"oh i'll just bring my mom's drink to her now that it's up -" he sneaks a sip, IT'S ACTUALLY A HOLOGRAM MAKING IT LOOK LIKE A RUM AND COKE! IT'S MILK!

he jimmies open a door and sneaks into the storeroom, "oh they won't miss a couple of ounces from the tap", grabs a cup and -

it's milk. ice cold milk. the glass frosts up to reveal YOU'RE A GROWING BOY, DRINK YOUR MILK WESLEY

@wigglytuffitout there was an anime called "Bartender" a few years back that was essentially just a bartender listening to their patrons stories and sometimes giving advice and I'd be extremely down for this but guinan

@wigglytuffitout I think some sort of Guinan story with occasional backstory eps would work.

I wonder if she'll cameo on the new Picard series...

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