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as the heatwave hits both america and europe, this is a handy infographic to pass around

people who are elderly, young, or chronically ill are more susceptible to this!

many head meds (SSRIs, etc) make this more likely as well!

heatstroke can also come with confusion and other mental symptoms. if you see someone who is warm to the touch, not sweating, and acting oddly in this heat (especially if in categories of ppl at risk) - please help get them medical attention! heatstroke can kill!

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@wigglytuffitout I'm thanking my friend @irina for having boosted this, and am aiming it also at another friend @ak, who had asked for some tips.

Also, some of my go-tos for well-written, memorable, no-nonsense advice:



If you have time (and stamina, in that office situation!) you can "read around" for more from the same writer - other health-related ones based on experience of being an EMT.

@wigglytuffitout > Body temperature is above 103°

Someone should explain them that degree is not a temperature unit…

@devnull if you weren't clued in by the "SacramentoReady" people making a poster advising you to call 911 might be using the fahrenheit scale, which is noted by °F or, when being used for an audience entirely used to only one scale as a local measure, is often abbreviated to simply ° as seen in forecasts, signs displaying temperature, and other such discussions in the United States on a daily basis,

i don't know what to tell you to steer you into being able to solve this mystery.

@devnull if you're unhappy with the poster, i encourage you to find or make a poster that better aligns with your sensibilities and follows your particular preferred style guide.

because i honestly do not know what you are going for here, in terms of results. what do you want me to do here, exactly? what do you seek to accomplish? and how exactly will this comment to me help you towards this goal? because i truly do not fucking know why you are demanding i do something about it.

@wigglytuffitout I suffered from heat exhaustion yesterday on my way to ASDA to grab food. I only realised it mid-way and had to walk the last bit because I was too shaky to cycle.

@friedkiwi it's one of those things that can and does absolutely just sneak up on you and grab your ass. it still gets me and i've been living in georgia all my life so summers over 100F are the norm! it's frightening just how quickly it can happen, and how serious it can get, which is why i am sure all my eu friends are annoyed at me fussing at them mother hen style about if they're drinking enough water LOL. i'm glad you were able to get home to safety and recover!!

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