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Hi :bun:, welcome to my
I am a engineering scientist working on ultrasound stuff. Mostly, I use matlab or my solder station to fix and create stuff.
I love fantasy, esp. LotR, Harry Potter, Akata Witch and the Broken Earth Triology. The Dragon Age games will always have a place in my heart. Playing The Witcher 3, rn.
Of course sci-fi: The new Star Wars (for my OT3), Star Trek (TOS, VOY, DSC, new movies), The Expanse, and Koyanagi's novel Ascension.
I like to listen, but talk lots

The dudes saying we ruin the artist’s work by playing Dark Souls and Sekiro and other hard games by playing on easy and using singleplayer cheats are out there time travelling and item duplicating in Animal Crossing cause they don’t like how slow the game is

How to wash your hands correctly, demonstrated using gloves and black dye

The language is Spanish, but the technique is superbly illustrated so it should be clear to everyone


image description 

Less clear
"practice social distancing"
-new term
-not specific

More clear
"stay at home. get groceries once per week."
-use known words
-be clear
-be specific
-be concrete

Random advice on regrowing leafy vegetables 

I talked before about regrowing the hearts from vegetables like pak choi or others. But you can also regrow them if there's no heart inside.

• Strip the leaves away from the stem but be careful not to harm any tiny still-growing leaves hidden underneath. They may be very tiny, but should be bright green. The plant will regrow itself from these.

• Trim a thin sliver off the base of the stem and stand them in water. Watch for little white root buds to start forming. When these do, you can put the plant into soil.

• Snip off any flowers. It takes a plant energy to grow these, and it may stop growing leaves while flower stems are growing. The hearts usually grow these first, which is why they may have been snipped off already.

• Pak choi and similar brssicas can grow between 10-32°C, and ideally like 13-24°C. They can survive brief frosts. Give them plenty of light.

food • recipe 

Potato Cakes

This is basically Irish Potato Farls. They're simple, filling, and cheap.

• 1 average potato 🥔
• butter
• flour
• tsp baking soda
• pinch of salt

1. Chop, boil and mash the potato (leave the skin on if you can – it's nutritious). Blend some butter into the mash to give it a better texture.

2. Knead in flour, baking soda, and salt. I never measure the flour. Use enough to get a cookie dough consistency. The right consistency will probably still be quite sticky.

3. Split the dough into balls and dust them with flour (it makes them easier to work with).

4. Flatten each ball into a circle and either pan fry them or oven bake them, turning occasionally till golden brown on each side.

These are tasty served with a little chilli sauce. Alternatively, you can mix other things into the mashed potato before making it into dough to add extra flavour and/or nutritional value. Chorizo, spinach, chicken, rosemary, or feta all work well.


Let's take a moment and thank the heroic restaurant workers and food delivery people, who are making sure people with disabilities can still get food under these horrible conditions.

If you order food today, tip your dasher extra. For hazard pay.

@ArtistMarciaX for real, glad people are realizing that sanitation workers are the proactive counterparts to the primarily reactive nurses and doctors we traditionally think of as "health care". Health starts with sanitation and prevention, not treatment and mitigation!

**Zimbabwe gets back iconic bird statues stolen during colonialism**

"Africa's former colonial powers have recently come under pressure to send looted artefacts back to their home countries."

#news #bot

"At the same time, be pragmatic and learn how to develop an understanding of when to abandon an idea. Follow your dreams no matter what, but reconsider if they can’t be realized in certain situations. A project can become a cul-de-sac and your life might slip through your fingers in pursuit of something that can never be realized. Know when to walk away."
- Warner Herzog

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hi please look at this really cute botw rito style corviknight i love them a lot

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ranger vs. druid identification 

druid: can tell you what kind of tree that is
ranger: can tell you what kind of bird is sitting in that tree

ranger: never gets lost
druid: gets lost all the time but is so cool about being lost it's impossible to tell that they're actually lost instead of "yeah I just wanted to go over here and look at this tree for a while"


druid: probably vegan
ranger: probably extremely omnivorous, to the point of being willing to eat just about anything that isn't moving too much at the moment

ranger's house: extremely comfortable if you aren't allergic to animals; the primary decor is shed fur
druid's house: warm, humid, sunny, may not actually have any surfaces for human use that aren't covered in plants

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