A vanilla bean
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also also today, i have this thing
maybe it'll turn into something less flat soon

well, it's a little wonky and scratched here and there but i did it

guns, a metal model that has one on it Show more

guns, a metal model that has one on it Show more

guns, a metal model that has one on it Show more

next up, sometime?, another licensed model, an AT-ST from Star Wars

...i have a feeling the legs on this thing are going to make my hands just cease to exist from effort

uh huh, there sure are a lot of pieces to this tiny AT-ST

@LaserScheme aaaaa these are all so cool

i have a sailing ship that i 'm afraid to start because i will completely mangle it

@twitter yeah, i had that fear too which is why i got the lighthouse to start off with as it looked simple enough (and also lighthouses are cool)
also on the Metal Earth website it's listed as 'easy' in difficulty (strangely, they don't list the difficulty on the packaging itself)

sci fi guns, a metal model that has some on it Show more

i bought another one because doing these are fun

this time, a Mars rover (either Spirit or Opportunity, i think?)

mars rover complete, with some really fiddly bending and one unfixably loose part

also, i broke a piece right off that i then put back on with glue (interestingly, when i looked at the pictures of the completed model on the manufacturer's website, their's was broken in the same way as mine did!)

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