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It's time for more Fantasian!

After exploring the canal city of Vence (and fighting a haunted gondola in the process), the women of the group got whisked away to the Machine Realm! What mysteries and cool robots await us there? Let's find out together!

Twitch casual stream 

It's time for some more Fantasian! Last time, we joined up with mysterious shy white mage and a knightly princess and barely kept an airship from crashing into a city! Now, let's explore the canal city of Veni–er, Vence, and see what adventures await us!

Personal Twitch stream 

I have less time than usual to stream today, but I still wanted to put out something since Sunday's my normal streaming day.

Rather than starting something new, I'm doing a one-off stream of a game that's super-appropriate for egg day -- Billy Hatcher!

Twitch casual stream 

I'm back with more Napple Tale! This Dreamcast exclusive has been super-charming and an absolute joy to play through, but some of the awful puns last week really got to me. Let's see if the winter has any puns that are just as bad!

Twitch casual stream 


I've been hyped about Fantasian since I first heard about it, between the talent behind it and the lovingly handcrafted dioramas it uses as backgrounds.

And it's finally here! :D

Come explore this game with me, will you?

Bad puns, Napple Tale reference, Suez Canal joke 

I’m making extremely good use of PluralKit over on my personal Discord these days.

Twitch casual stream 

Hey, it's Sunday, so it's time to enter the charming world of Napple Tale once again! Join me for the adventures of the teenage girl who searches for the lost pieces of her soul but mostly just thinks about stew!

I’m setting up a Discord server as an extension of my stream stuff (since I’m trying to make that a regular thing), and I already have the most important part taken care of. :D

Twitch casual stream 

Fragile Dreams was a good game, but it was also pretty dark. This week, I'm switching to something a little lighter – the Dreamcast cult classic Napple Tale!

What even is a napple? Heck if I know. Let's find out together, shall we?

Twitch casual stream 

My playthrough of Fragile Dreams continues! As we get near the end of the game, I'd just like to acknowledge this game's unsung hero. Thank you, Chicken Man, for bringing your supplies but mostly your outfit everywhere we go.

People were memeing all around this, so of course I had to do this before I saw someone else get to it. XD

Twitch casual stream 

So last week, I started playing Fragile Dreams, an action RPG where you fight off ghosts while trying to find possibly the only other human alive after the apocalypse.

But more importantly, there are kitties. Kitties I can play with.

*pet pet* :3

I’ve been watching Bubblegum Crisis lately, and I’ve gotta say... the true villain of the series is whoever designed this keyboard. It gets worse the more I look at it.

Twitch casual stream 

Hey, it's been a while since I've streamed on my personal channel! It's been long enough that I'm just gonna start up a new game. I'll be playing Fragile Dreams: Smell Ya Later, Ruins of the Moon! (I'm pretty sure that's the title? XD)

A good dragon from Dicey Dungeons 

Who’s a good fighter? Who’s a good fighter? You are, yes you are! *pets the dragon*

I sent this to one particular person last night, but honestly it applies to a lot of you too. ^^

So here’s a tabletop game I own now! Hey @trysdyn, @deejvalen, want to play this sometime? I’m really curious how true it is to the dragon dating experience.

I’d like to thank the unreleased Austin Powers Game Boy Color game for including a gender option just for me. :D

Animal Crossing custom town tune 

Hey, that Animal Crossing tune maker helped me figure out my tune! :D

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