Behold, the new agender/non-binary alignment chart, made by me, drawn by finger, on my phone, so uh... I guess this is a prototype. And not at all meant to be taken seriously. I mean, unless you really want to I guess. Not like I can stop you. Enjoy!

Why did I even put this much effort into this? Because my brain is awful and would not let me think about anything else until I did.

Honestly a 3d version of this with a Z axis should include organic<->machine as a scale too

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@Nine but what if I'm more of a gremlin deity that likes to beep sleepily?

@zatnosk then you plop yourself right in the middle there in the Comfy Zone

@Nine Yeah I'm mech and at the combination beepy and sleepy. :3

@IceWolf saaame. i do lean somewhat into the gremlin axis though, quite a bit :3

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