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The picture I commissioned of Maffi is done!!! It looks amazing and I'm really glad to have better art of her now.

@mouseglitch Go ahead! Lots of people have and I've been hearing notification sounds all day hehe.

@NovaSquirrel Oh, I get it.

Got a Changeling: The Lost character with a cable for a tail: "Glitchtail" Kith I homebrewed. He can hack stuff by spending a Glamour to produce an appropriate adapter from the puff at the end. He's a rabbity thing with circuit lines.

@RecursiveRabbit Neat to see there's a few other characters out there doing that sort of thing, though the friend I got my own inspiration from ( ) said he got his own inspiration from someone selling tails like that on Second Life, so I knew they were probably out there waiting to be found.

With Maffi I decided her tailtip should just always be a SNES plug so she has to deal with adapters she'd carry in her inventory. Her own tech would just take her plug directly.

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