if I suddenly stop posting forever, please understand that I have been dramatically locked inside of my own mastodon account, and am banging against the glass of my monitor trying to escape. It's not you, it's me

"Stop boosting the post and help me!"

I cry out, but it is futile. Nobody is coming to save me. The monitor glass is only getting thicker, the outside world more hazy. Even more notifications are disappearing. My federated timeline is bugged. Soon I will be doomed forever, a pale imitation of myself

okay but in all seriousness my account has become almost completely dysfunctional, what do I do :blobcatoh:

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watch my account explode in real time 

Okay, so now every user appears to only follow and be followed by me

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watch my account explode in real time /2 

with advice from @heartles I have cleared firefox's cache and cookies. No changes, unfortunately

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watch my account explode in real time /3 

I was going to add an emoji to that last post, but that's now also not working properly lkjsdklfjdflkjf

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watch my account explode in real time /4 

According to local timeline, only three other accounts have posted from computerfairi.es in the past 24 hours. It is as though I am watching the entire instance crumble, and like the protagonist of some Lovecraft-inspired Black Mirror episode, I can no longer tell what part of the fediverse is real and what is but a fleeting illusion

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watch my account explode in real time /5 

Emojis are back. So that, too, was but a trick of the eye....

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re: watch my account explode in real time /3 

@RowanBerry it's like a masto horror movie

@heartles An excellent idea, except this is happening on every browser between my phone and my desktop

@RowanBerry is it just your account or are other people on your instance noticing issues cos some of this has happened on queer.party before and usually our admin finds some backend process has fallen over

@wolfie I would assume that it's instance-wide, but I haven't heard anything from other people around here.

@wolfie can now confirm that it's pretty much instance-wide. I'm incapable for seeing the accounts of people from computerfairi.es from the new instance I'm on :P

@RowanBerry ah, hopefully your admin can find the problem soon 😄

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