Mega Man Legacy Collection made playing through the original Mega Man games tolerable by just having rewind and save state features.

I'd swear if they weren't there I wouldn't have gotten far in any of them.

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I know there's a group of gamers who love that sort of "Nintendo hard" challenge but to be honest I want that to stay in the past.

Making games accessible and fun is better than catering to a niche of tryhards who think I Wanna Be The Guy is the pinnacle of challenge.

@TonicBH I had a conversation a few months back w/ someone who was lamenting the addition of Funky Kong to the Switch port of Tropical Freeze for this reason. By his estimation, Nintendo was dumbing down & ruining the game with its addition.

I made the point that optional accessibility options didn't hurt anyone, don't disrupt anything, and were vitally useful to people who may simply be physically incapable of playing them any other way.

His response was that not all games are for everyone :|

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