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If you or someone you love lives in the US and needs help accessing government services, I just found the BEST WEBSITE
This site talks about how to get disability, food assistance, medical care, affordable housing, all sorts of programs you may or may not have heard of, and how to apply, and how to appeal, and how to everything! It's great!

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Just so we're clear, I may be femme, but I've had enough of people calling me a girl to last multiple lifetimes. You don't get to decide my gender.

Because apparently I have neglected to do so, here are two versions of the #QTBIPOC #Pride flag!

The license is simple:
- attribution! link to this account and tell 'em a disabled 2spirit Indigenous anarchist made it!

- all queer/trans BIPOC individuals can use (including commercially and I'll even advertise your stuff here if you tell me about it!)
- all queer/trans BIPOC orgs/groups can use (commercial if it's not the focus of the piece, otherwise permission needed)
- non-BIPOC orgs/groups if for a specific BIPOC-focused event/outreach, asking permission first

I can provide SVG versions and other formats if ever needed

I have and still use hardware with "documentation" that was just "Visit our website at..." printed on cardstock, and the site's dead now.

How the heck we lived through the ~20 years this was the MO and still somehow proceeded to "Let's start putting all of our '''documentation''' in a Discord instance" baffles vee.

voice resources for trans people on T 

I'm researching this a little anyway, so I'll make this a thread of helpful resources about voice changes and voice therapy for trans men and other trans people on T.

The Good Men Project has this summary of a study of 30 trans men's voices. They found T was typically very successful at bringing the voice into the average cis male range, but other aspects of making the voice sound masculine need voice therapy.

Here's the study itself, in Scientific Reports:

i read a thing recently that blew my mind a little.
went something like:

people can imagine time travel to the past and one little act making massive differences in the timeline

but in their present they think even the greatest effort they can put in will not make any difference to the future

Yue Ying (岳渶) of the Shanghai Combat Revue; A Sakura Wars OC I designed, which I will explain later! For now it's just her
#上海華擊團 #上海华击团

big fan of how emojis are in fact, just text, so you can italicize them over on IRC and I guess other places that don't give them special treatment

MIT researchers have developed a portable desalination unit, weighing less than 10 kilograms, that can remove particles and salts to generate drinking water.
The suitcase-sized device, which requires less power to operate than a cell phone charger, can also be driven by a small, portable solar panel, which can be purchased online for around $50. It automatically generates drinking water that exceeds World Health Organization quality standards. The technology is packaged into a user-friendly device that runs with the push of one button.

More at

I'm gonna share this again because I'm still in awe my hands were able to create this

#MastoArt #artist #illustration #art

OK so now that people are here:

Hi, I'm Aleksis, a Finnish-Chinese Illustrator + comics artist, emphasis on historical/fantasy & scifi + misc.
Currently drawing my own toku-inspired Rescue-Knight and Chinese-Roman fantasy comic called Legionary Extraordinary


Ko-fi (Commission info):
Twitter Art timeline (various pieces not on portfolio):

(it was to someone other than my boyfriend although my boyfriend is extremely supportive)

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I guess it's appropriate that my last real visit here was about my new boyfriend because now I am posting to say that I got engaged and am now a tiny fiancette

so I apparently have a boyfriend now as of a few weeks ago and nobody told me lol
I thought we were just dating but apparently we were actually *dating*

so I guess I have a date on Monday with an extremely nice person I met recently?

Just found out that next March is when Geocities Japan is shutting down, so if you have a favorite Japanese Geocities site go save it in the Wayback Machine:

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