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If you or someone you love lives in the US and needs help accessing government services, I just found the BEST WEBSITE
This site talks about how to get disability, food assistance, medical care, affordable housing, all sorts of programs you may or may not have heard of, and how to apply, and how to appeal, and how to everything! It's great!

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Just so we're clear, I may be femme, but I've had enough of people calling me a girl to last multiple lifetimes. You don't get to decide my gender.

(it was to someone other than my boyfriend although my boyfriend is extremely supportive)

I guess it's appropriate that my last real visit here was about my new boyfriend because now I am posting to say that I got engaged and am now a tiny fiancette

:anidab_right: Let's boost it for smol active tops!!!! :anidab_left:

:cat_4: :cat_4: :cat_4:

so I apparently have a boyfriend now as of a few weeks ago and nobody told me lol
I thought we were just dating but apparently we were actually *dating*

so I guess I have a date on Monday with an extremely nice person I met recently?

Just found out that next March is when Geocities Japan is shutting down, so if you have a favorite Japanese Geocities site go save it in the Wayback Machine:

i completely forgot about the cartoon "quack pack" that makes donald duck's nephews hip and edgy teens of the 90s but daisy duck looks like this in it and i'm gay

This is what they mean by "you don't have to be dysphoric to be trans."

can we like get a gay vn where everyone's poly instead of this fuckin tenchi muyo everyone fighting over one dude shit

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the touchscreen doesn't respond at all even after hard reset
so I guess the screen assembly needs to be replaced :(
meanwhile I missed days at my day job to take my partner to the hospital and my translation job moved some of my titles to other months (after I had finished my involvement) meaning I'm only being paid this month for one of the three books I did in August

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here's a commission i just got from ! it is of a friend's character and she is very cute and good

they just opened commissions recently and you should check them out!!

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