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If you or someone you love lives in the US and needs help accessing government services, I just found the BEST WEBSITE
This site talks about how to get disability, food assistance, medical care, affordable housing, all sorts of programs you may or may not have heard of, and how to apply, and how to appeal, and how to everything! It's great!

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Just so we're clear, I may be femme, but I've had enough of people calling me a girl to last multiple lifetimes. You don't get to decide my gender.

You know what I kinda want? An end to "prestige TV" in scifi & fantasy and a return to lower-budget, lower-stakes, 26 episode seasons - complete with all the old tropes of filler episodes, bottle episodes, and the occasional 2 or 3 part arc.

A group of Mastodon Musicians got together to produce a wild compilation of electronic music under the banner of #BonkWave

Don't know what Bonk Wave is?
Doesn't matter, nobody else knows either!

What I can say is it is an eclectic collection of #Psychedelic #ScienceFiction #SFF #SciFi #Music #ElectronicMusic

and it's free to stream or download

Best of all, if you like something you can tell the artist directly, here

Today, 55 years ago Douglas Engelbart gave the "The Mother of All Demos"

In the same session he introduced:

  • the computer mouse,

  • hypertext, and

  • the bit-mapped graphical user interface.

These concepts are nowadays as common as air and paved the way for Microsoft and Apple.

Unluckily I was not invited to the demo. Probably because I was only two years old at that time 😄​.

Douglas Engelbart sadly passed away in 2013, but Engelbart's law remains.

My puzzle Butterfly Nebula was featured today on Cracking the Cryptic! My second feature ctc in about a year of setting puzzles. If anybody wants to watch Mark tackle my puzzle here is the link (and there is a link to the puzzle in the video description if you want to try it first)

@arturo182 printed Dummy 13 and left it on my study desk. I obviously had to make furniture for it. It’s too much fun ;)

Dummy 13 on printables:

"new covid" - what you need to know for the illness that never went away, shh 

Today I offhandedly referred to covid infections as risking widespread vascular damage and the person I was chatting with stopped and said they'd never heard it described that way before. Which blew my mind a bit because understanding covid as primarily a vascular illness, not a respiratory one, is fundamental to understanding its risks.

But they're absolutely right. That's something you would have learned from following along with research and updates, not from the official messaging and guidance we have received, certainly not from the initial information flood. Even if you saw it, why would you eyeball it and think "that's particularly important"?

People overestimate vaccine effectiveness. They underestimate the damage done by asymptomatic infection. They underuse masks and filtration. They don't understand the effects covid has on the immune system, or the precautions they should be taking against unrelated infections or activity which might impede recovery. They work off a mental model of a far less contagious virus with a very different original set of symptoms.

Covid, ultimately, has a branding problem. What we remember about it nowadays is a jumbled mess, different from person to person.

So I really appreciated this informational list about "new covid." It's tongue in cheek, but if you stop, read it through and imagine you're at risk of a new illness? This is what it looks like today. Just forget what you think you know and prepare for this illness instead. Hopefully we won't just need to look at "new new covid" threads in another few years...

Hi everyone, would you be so kind and share some things that help you move forward if you feel stuck? It could be an idea, an app, an image, a song, an action or whatever else gets you moving.

Don't hesitate to share things that seem too easy or trivial to you. They might be the biggest aha-moment for someone else.

If you find this helpful, please consider boosting for wider reach.

#ExecutiveDysfunction #productivity #lifehack #work #wfh #focus #gtd #depression #selfcare #adhd #adulting

I find that the concept of enshittification has really helped my facility designs for ShadowRun.

I tend to over engineer mega corporate defenses, but if I then go through a process of figuring out where costs could be cut, it significantly improves the playability and the immersion.

Who can cover two job roles at once? Who hasn’t been replaced because of the hiring freeze? What systems have not received regular maintenance?

#shadowrun #ttrpg

lol this is very touching! i made it on this list of “40 Developers Who Have Made a Mark in the Indie Game Industry”
and it’s for my work! my work got mentioned! 🥳🎉💕 seeing this it almost feels like things are back to being normal… yes, more normal please. 🥰

Gotta love how #OpenAI deems that I'm not allowed to know what an image from a TV show looks like because it depicts violence and death. Imagine if I were sighted, but a company had the right to block me and the rest of the world from being able to see certain things because it contained graphic content. That should be my choice, not theirs. This is one reason we shouldn't support game-changing technology being controlled and maintained by corporations like this IMO. #Blind #Accessibility

To quote the great Eugene Debs:

"Your Honor, years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings, and I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than the meanest on earth. I said then, and I say now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it, and while there is a criminal element I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free."

I really fucking believe that.

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You ever think about how core vocabulary shared by hundreds of languages and billions of speakers over thousands of years might have started as some silly inside joke between like eight people in a neolithic village?

Time traveling linguist: "So, *gʷreh₂ means 'heavy', right?"

Villager: "No. Kind of? I mean, uh, funny story. My cousin used to drop stuff all the time so we started calling when you drop something on your own foot 'pulling a Grux' and... I guess it just kinda stuck?"

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