"we don't know when exactly we should lift restrictions, so they should either be lifted right now or kept forever" is some hangman paradox shit

Seeing a stranger go through all the same motions, progressively more desperate.

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Watching a faraway stranger take control of my TV to try and debug feels truly unhinged.

anyone have recommendations for game engines for making topdown GB style games?

tfw you find a cool game engine but its license is explicitly swerfy and anti-choice

Am I the only ’er who’s annoyed there’s no `?x <- m` syntax?

🤞 for all PL people looking into NLP and beholding the horror of big data to lead to a categorial grammar revival

My hot take for today is that even if you’re a bit of a conservative contrarian, as a mathematician you should probably still prefer a nice abstraction over a clunky and incomplete enumeration?

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Guess it’s a day for bad HoTT takes. Disappointing.

Looking for royal patron, please DM me.

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@koronkebitch@twitter.com tbf you really shouldn't be doing research if you're not a lord or lady living off your estates or have at *least* a royal patron

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Thanks everyone for the wonderfully supportive pets! :)

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Could a British person explain to me why y'all get so weird about having tea *with* a meal?

Having a difficult time, send pictures of your pets, please?

@ndm_haskell@twitter.com Any advice for the Shake specific part?

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twitter: How do I find out why my Shake file is looping? How do I find out, more generally, why my Haskell program is looping? (So far, attempts to profile only result in empty files and compile errors.)

literally watch me write:

def x(y=lambda: []):
return y

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Got bitten by this so many times

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I'm no Python expert, but is this a super common bug? How do people use defaults without this happening?

def x (y=[]):
return y

x() => []
x() => [10]

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If we're mutuals, and you'd like more unfiltered me on your timeline, feel free to follow my alt @eeriekeri@twitter.com!

If we're mutuals, and you'd like more unfiltered me on your timeline, feel free to follow my alt @eeriekeri@twitter.com!

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