Death, announcement 

Elfi here again. This will be the last post on this account.

On May 19th, 16:53 PDT, Deadrose ceded her battle against cancer and passed away peacefully in the company of her loving family. She will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, mom.

Long post, cancer 

Deadrose's life expectancy is now weeks at most. Her friends and family here are spending time with her and making sure she's comfortable, while assuring any last requests are fulfilled. She sends her love to all of her friends and family who couldn't be here with her in turn, and appreciates the care and support sent her way in turn.

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Long post, cancer 

Hi, this is @elfi posting on behalf of my mother, to let everyone who followed her know what has been going on.

Last October, Deadrose was diagnosed with stage 4 peritoneal carcinomatosis, which has an average prognosis of five months from diagnosis. She is tenacious though, and fought her hardest to beat it, but treatment did not improve things considerably, and after seven months it is end-stage, leaving her hospitalized and bedridden. 1/?

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Choose a traveling companion!

I haven't been posting a lot lately, because I've been stuck in the hospital more than I've been home. Mostly trouble with small bowel obstruction. As a result I'm now on a liquid diet and getting most of my calories in overnight IV bags, not much fun, but at least I'm not dropping weight like crazy.

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My friend Celty is currently homeless and has a #MutualAidRequest for funds to help her stay safe and secure permanent housing. Her plan is to sleep in her car, but she hopes for funding to have “some nights” in motels.

She’s a disabled trans woman with limited mobility, making her vulnerable. Personally I hate the idea of her sleeping in her car at all.

If you’re able, please help.

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This is why so much of the GOP and far-right seems so stupid, why Fox "News" seems to focus so hard on stupid shit so often. It's all a marketing gimmick.

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You will take that deal and be on probation / parole.

Even if innocent.

Q: Why is inequality in the USA twice as high as that of Spain?

A: Racism. My thread from yesterday explained the ways in which systemic racism is designed to siphon net welath from Black people, but I don't think folks appreciate the scale.

Civil asset forfeiture alone steals more wealth than "all other forms of burglary combined."

Black median net wealth is on trajectory to be zero by 2053.🤷🏿‍♂️

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The night beckons.
Will you heed its wild call?
Will you sink your fangs and claws into the darkness and disappear into the hidden worlds that exist between the trees?
Or we could meet at Olive Garden.
It's up to you.

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@deadrose they have electrical ones too!

I really enjoyed the concept of a hard drive as a prayer wheel. It's technically correct in all aspects and it makes me think about What Is Language Anyway.

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The one downside to solid state drives is that they cannot be used as prayer wheels.

Wonder if taping the Om to a fan blade counts..?

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🌱 My Neighbor Mastodon 2

Thank you, thank you, *thank you* for being more than 20K to follow my art here. It's fantastic.

#Mastoart #ArtWithOpensource #krita #HumanArt

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i think i saw a report of how bumblebees like to play with balls + the newest #SillyCuratorPrompts lead to this cute fuzzy #Snailify bumblebee :blobcatcoffee:


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What are your plans in the new year?

CW: pet health 

My big beautiful boy boa Sebastian has left us. He was old, in his late 20s, and he'd been acting depressed since his mate died. (Seriously, I know I shouldn't attribute human emotions, but he acted as if he was pining for her).

It's a sad day as he was the last of our pets, and with me ill, we're not likely to get any others.

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What scares you most about the old forest?

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