Current work in progress: This double-spread landscape.

I have to try to do it justice, it's just too close to my heart to fuck it up.

Well, let's find our... 😅​

Phase 1: Outlines with blue pencil.


Phase 2:
Still blue pencil, but filling in structures, currents, and a little light and dark.

So far, so good...


On to Phase 3

Applying the “poor people's air brush“, my trusty tooth brush, to create mineral-looking lighter and darker areas.

Not too much, as I will go over it a second time.

(White areas have been covered with rubber cement.)


Phase 4 of my mountain range:

Peeled off the rubber cement here and there, applied it in other places in hope of getting more shades and nuances.

Then sprayed ink again - it's so important to know when to stop.

(I can always make it darker in the ink stage, but making it lighter needs white ink and destroys the sprayed base.)

I must say I like it so far! Surprised I didn't ruin it yet.


Aaand the final incarnation of my mountains:

removed all paper and rubber cement and used fine brushes for outlines, rocks and structures. White ink for rivers in the valley.

Usually, this stage ruins everything, so although it doesn't capture the essence of this place, it's no disaster, either.

(I think I will add some digital structures later on in the computer phase, to make it a bit more iridescent...)

But for the moment, that's it!


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