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Figured I should probably do one of these

Hey, I'm Fyrin, I'm a UK-based CompSci student. I'm pansexual, poly, non-binary and kinky. Also very lefty, will frequently complain about capitalism.

I've got a bunch fun shit, so, uh, sadposting is a thing I do sometimes. Might be autistic, jury is still out on that, definitely weird though either way.

Follow for shitposts, leftposts, sadposts, queerposts, codeposts and lewdposts

hello yes I'm here to apply for the position of "very funny yes" my qualifications are that my ant joke got 15 boosts

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I can't believe that incredibly large ant is still around, huh, so much for "the taller ant left"

If you're in the UK please remember to go out and vote today, its super important!

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accidentally left my gender on the radiator and it melted 😢

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every shape is a triangle if you think about it wrong

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For @brogepi's birthday I am reposting a gif of my cat that I think was on my knzk

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Why is it ok to say "sunsoaked" and "sundrenched" but not "sunmoist" or "sundamp"

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Doctor: oh my gosh, it's a girl!

Me, an epic gamer dad: really? Like it's fine I guess but it just feels this is really forcing diversity you know? I don't MIND that it's a girl but it just feels like it's happening for no reason. Does it really have to be...? I mean it just feels like pandering at this point, you know?

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things that are good: the things I like

things that are bad: the things you like that I do not like

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