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There's another charity marathon stream for a trans/gender diverse kids charity to spite another transphobic ballbag this weekend! (This time in Australia!)

They will be playing classic Tony Hawk games (fucking yess). It starts Friday 9pm AEST! (6am US Eastern, 11:00 UTC, 12:00 CET)


Where the stream will be:

I just spent like an hour looking at mechanical keyboards on reddit. Uhm... Yeah.

i'm in french class right now and I should probably be working on my overdue assignment that is worth 20% of my final french grade.

but instead i'm looking at r/mechanicalkeyboards

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Discord was made by Jimmy Discord while trying to approach gamers, he won the Epic Victory Royale, now we have this cursed chat platform

reboot2recovery done, perms restored to 755, but yeah

oh wow i just managed to 744 /usr and a) not think about how bad of an idea that is and b) not notice that 744 does not include exec for g/a

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good morning fediverse today i'll see how bad i did on my chem test

and then i'll die when my parents see it

Amazing. Internet is essentially broken right now, I guess i'll sleep early?

so uhm i learned elm today and i did a thing and it's ugly but it works so I'm happy

it not only tells you what exactly is wrong and how to fix it, but also WHY it is like that

The elm compiler is simply amazing. (yes, this is a really stupid thing i'm playing around with)

uh what languages live for 30+ years? i think they die quicker these days.

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discord: dont reverse engineer the api

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