not to mention how my barista manager knows & cares about my mental health struggles as opposed to a manager that literally wasnt even there so when i had workplace concerns i had no one to report them to :-)

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shitty normie job where i am forced back into the closet and pressured into, once again, assuming a fake persona <<<<<<<<< shitty barista job where half of my coworkers are trans & gay and think im cool

hello everyone i have been busy recently struggling with the consequences of my own actions

Neurotypicals will tell you that they want you to be honest and then get mad when you're honest

i love how the twitter update just full stop gave me a new tab that is practically curated to show me things that will piss me off

you can always find me in the mcdonalds play-place

you dont love that catgirl you just have toxoplasmosis

Centrists stop being cowards and just admit you are right wing challenge

From now on when I read or watch news pieces and pundit discussions about “the economy” I’ll think of this…

i check federated for one second and i am exposed to just the most braindead take

0 days since listening to Last Young Renegade and wanting to punch holes in my wall

The neurodivergent experience: being born, looking around, and spending the rest of your life going "what the fuck is wrong with all of you," while your parents and teachers and bosses try to convince you that it is actually YOU who is the problem

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