My advice for the younger generation: Take the road less travelled. Explore new experiences. Take risks. Compile a damning blackmail dossier on somebody you've never personally met. Dangle it in front of them and threaten to ruin their life. Make them take humiliating pictures of acting like a dog. Go somewhere they frequent and give them a courtesy smile when they look into your eyes. Live life!!

i think the thing that i miss the most about working in a job that isnt food service oriented is being allowed to paint my nails. 😔 i would really like to get a manicure sometime

ive always been more of an abstract, social sciences person.

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updates: been trying to teach myself python via free internet courses and the closest thing i have to programming knowledge is html+css (which ive been told ~isnt coding anyway) so its a bit difficult to wrap my head around

not to mention how my barista manager knows & cares about my mental health struggles as opposed to a manager that literally wasnt even there so when i had workplace concerns i had no one to report them to :-)

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shitty normie job where i am forced back into the closet and pressured into, once again, assuming a fake persona <<<<<<<<< shitty barista job where half of my coworkers are trans & gay and think im cool

hello everyone i have been busy recently struggling with the consequences of my own actions

Neurotypicals will tell you that they want you to be honest and then get mad when you're honest

i love how the twitter update just full stop gave me a new tab that is practically curated to show me things that will piss me off

you can always find me in the mcdonalds play-place

you dont love that catgirl you just have toxoplasmosis

Centrists stop being cowards and just admit you are right wing challenge

From now on when I read or watch news pieces and pundit discussions about “the economy” I’ll think of this…

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