well, that's my second social death this year

please share my stuff, everything i posted on twitter is gone now


i make music: maple.pet/music

i make open source tech tools and toys: maple.pet/tech

i started the netizen club and the link cache, to help my yearning for a simpler internet: links.netizen.club/

i'm looking for work. if you know anyone who needs someone with 8+ years professional experience plumbing nearly any sort of bespoke tech, talk to me.

and if you've ever wished for a return to forums, i've hosted lesbiaboard since 2018

it is first and foremost a queer safe space, but anyone who's ok with that is free to join and come talk to us about video games, tech or just cute things and food


number one reason why you should join forums.transbian.love : it upsets the trolls so much that it exists that we get defaced and i can fix it in less than 10 minutes with just my phone because i'm that much of a badass and you need a badass like me to run a good trans community

@mavica_again ooo fav'ing for when I find the spoons and interest to join, seems awesome

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