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* chess
* general programming (understanding basics, algorithms, data structures etc)
* C
* Haskell
* Python
* gamedev (procedural generation, ai, gameplay balancing)
* nonbinary stuff, nb/trans inclusiveness
* languages (learning, linguistics, native polish speaker)
* accessibility (nonnative, colourblind, neurodivergent ppl)
* general linux/network/sysadmin stuff
* being a sounding board for ideas
* being a pointy-eared fren
* other stuff you might have seen me do or talk about

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anprims arent strictly anti-tech, theyre just a safe space for cishets

going to stream doing puzzles for a bit

losing to a chess program which doesn't even analyse any moves ahead is demotivating

Nintendo does not recognise Iceland as a country. It's not an option in the list of countries.

watching Romero's stream, that first level music immediately reminded me of My Chemical Romance - Vampires Will Never Hurt You :P

(same key IIRC, similar rhythm and harmony)

In Mutant Standard, "Night With Stars" is a night with stars and a moon, not a big city hellscape. @dzuk is very good, IMO. :]

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@Lumb exactly. The implication that anyoneโ€™s identity is fake makes your opinion go from opinion to bullshit in point zero seconds

i wish more people took note that beneath the whole discourse (with its pretense of logic) lies a very nasty repressed need to bully people and validate oneself at the expense of others in the group

these people would likely be transphobes if they weren't trans

if they had a slither of logic they'd be attacking transphobes, power structures, gatekeepers, not fucking otherkin

i mean good job, you know where the real danger lies

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