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* chess
* general programming (understanding basics, algorithms, data structures etc)
* C
* Haskell
* Python
* gamedev (procedural generation, ai, gameplay balancing)
* nonbinary stuff, nb/trans inclusiveness
* languages (learning, linguistics, native polish speaker)
* accessibility (nonnative, colourblind, neurodivergent ppl)
* general linux/network/sysadmin stuff
* being a sounding board for ideas
* being a pointy-eared fren
* other stuff you might have seen me do or talk about

You have beaten cis-heteronormativity everyday for years.

That's an example of endurance and power to be proud of.

#nonbinarypositivity #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypride

@sophia Did you hear about the explosion in the cheese factory? De brie was everywhere.

"Library Extension" Helps You Find Books At Your Local Library While You Shop for Books Online

i'm syntactically liberal and lexically conservative

roses are red
violets are blue
i've been living so long
with my pictures of you

Peluche en tissu polaire
30€ frais de port compris.
Patron par

RT apprΓ©ciΓ©s
#mastoart #plushies #queer

i was just reading a grammar book and... yikes!

(cw gender bullshit)

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington were offered $100,000 on the condition that the donation "will not be used to support transgender girls".

They sent the money back, held a fundraising campaign, and raised $300,000. #ForEVERYGirl

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@sophia Here are some for your consideration

[screm cat pics, lots of teef and open mouths]

Michael Gove's daughter went to the #SchoolStrike climate change protest

The Environment Secretary's own child has skipped school to take part in the demonstration

@scribblefrog @sophia very good πŸ™‚

Here is a picture of Boris squeaking.

Remember when it was the '00s and "burning CDs" was a thing and you sometimes needed third-party software for that and one of them was called "Nero Burning ROM"

I literally *just* got that pun

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