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Today's tarot draw is Nine of Wires from
Themes for this card include: Resilience, courage, persistence.

"You've encountered one last obstacle at the last stretch of your current task. It may seem insurmountable, but you have everything you need to overcome this challenge."

#illustration #tarot #cyberpunk

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ICE Show more

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BREAKING: The EU JURI committee has passed #Article13. This requires sites to filter all submissions against a database of copyrighted works—creating a #CensorshipMachine that puts thousands of daily activities and millions of Internet users at the mercy of algorithmic filters.

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BREAKING: The EU Parliament's JURI committee has approved #Article11. This #LinkTax will hurt those who use the Internet for sharing, punish projects like Wikipedia, and “poses a significant threat to an informed and literate society," according to the research community.

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One of the argument against taking these minorities into account is the plain old ”demanding special treatment is just a way to use power”.

That is, the privileged are OK with a minority so far as it happens with the terms of the privileged, but as soon as the minority people demand their own terms, it is seen as dirty playing.

And also, it seems that some minorities are more 'sexy' than others.

So, readings in this topic, please!


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Hey folks! Could you drop me links to some basic readings (preferably online articles) on the following topic.

Our small #coop is very progressive and certain minorities are endorsed and listened to by default, because they are so well represented up to the highest levels.

But at the same time some other minorities are disregarded and even bullied against, even though they, too, are represented up to the highest level.


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pol, ice, db :))) Show more

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oh, while we're at it:

fuck the FBI
fuck the CIA
fuck the NSA

fuck GCHQ

fuck BND

fuck the five eyes surveillance state.

fuck AfD

fuck all of them
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by the way, to be absolutely clear:

fuck nazis.

fuck nazis on the fediverse who use Pleroma.
fuck nazis on the fediverse who use Mastodon.
fuck nazis on the fediverse who use GNU Social.
fuck nazis on the fediverse who use Hubzilla.
fuck nazis on the fediverse who use Friendica.

fuck ICE.
fuck the TSA.

fuck Sessions.
fuck Trump.
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Dépsychiatrisation, transidentité, CIM 11. Show more

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Us politics, vent on my part Show more

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- mh Show more

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“Open source is like sex: it’s better when Richard Stallman is not involved.”

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dreams, nb (+/~) Show more