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* chess
* general programming (understanding basics, algorithms, data structures etc)
* C
* Haskell
* Python
* gamedev (procedural generation, ai, gameplay balancing)
* nonbinary stuff, nb/trans inclusiveness
* languages (learning, linguistics, native polish speaker)
* accessibility (nonnative, colourblind, neurodivergent ppl)
* general linux/network/sysadmin stuff
* being a sounding board for ideas
* being a pointy-eared fren
* other stuff you might have seen me do or talk about

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human energy technologies, a medley

(1) set living things on fire
(2) feed some living things to other living things and make them pull and lift stuff
(3) put a wheel in the way of moving wind or water
(4) set the remains of distant dead ancestors on fire
(5) put a lot of dangerous rocks together in one place until they get more dangerous and really hot
(6) use the sun to lift and stack heavy things, and then drop them later

One thing I feel is a big contributor to burnout is being too focused on the "anti" aspect of left struggle. Being anti-capitalist, anti-racist, etc. Obviously, being those things is good, but defining yourself too heavily by being the antithesis of the status quo is an exhausting endeavor. Try to direct more energy to the post-capital restructuring, and anchor yourself on what you believe in as well. Universal access to material security, education, healthcare, etc. A better world is coming!

Trebuchet Ejectable Radical Feminists

a local pc shop is selling '128-bit windows 10'.
i still don't know what they'll give you if you actually buy it.

sort of a double negative

(courtesy of Telegram)

Having good friends is the closest thing there is to a silver bullet in terms of living a good and happy life. They can be a source of emotional or material support, and interacting with friends is (I believe) the main way in which we develop and practice ethics. One of the cruelest aspects of modern capitalism is the normalization and necessitation of isolation from others. Breaking out of that coerced isolation, even in small ways (like safe online communities), can itself be a radical action.

Deutsche Bahn trying to be polyglott - Irren ist menschlich

(schukr is written in wrong direction r-k-sch instead Ψ΄ΩƒΨ±)

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Leftists need to get behind and spread the word about the cooperative movement/solidarity economy/whatever else they're calling it these days. Worker's coops, community land trusts, etc

In particular because my hyperconservative dad just spent 10 minutes gushing about his utility coop, and when jokingly asked whether that's socialism just brushed it off. Even though, yeah, that's literally #socialism

Tell all your friends. I'm teaching a free, trans-centered, programming class in NYC in a few days. with @t4techNYC@twitter.com and @thisismetis@twitter.com