i'll probably heed Dzuk's advice and stream on mixer instead because of better CoC

also this immediately happened as i was testing (CW creepy)

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why my legs are sore when i wake up (pic taken by @dzuk )

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why is pinterest so obsessed about emo boys (or thinks i am)? this is just a sample

@dzuk bonus content: the net can recreate all of the 6965 emoji it trained on

here is a random sample

i have decided to support Mutant Standard by teaching a neural network to make emoji thus relieving @dzuk of zir job

you're welcome

been (over)working on procedural generation more - it's been improved and optimised the heck out of and the current results are quite playable :3

also, 10000 lines of code

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my generation algorithm now near-guarantees that

- at least 50% of the map is reachable
- if a place is reachable, it is possible to return

now it needs to run at least 20 times faster before it can be usable in game for bigger levels

here is a demonstration of it working in slow motion

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