I think Finland is definitely my favourite in ETS2. It has really nice roads and pylons.

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Any problem?

(BTW it's funny how the game avoids telling me "you did a shit job" directly, even when it was so bad that i only got paid 1/3 because of the damage to the cargo)

pathologising autism, the neuros are lacking empathy again 

Mut mä haluan todella nähda vanhempien tuuttauksien from other servers!

I can't all-gold this N++ level, it's my 3rd playing session trying to beat it :(


slooooowly making progress on the secret challenges

synaesthesia, snark, not that serious 

cool, non-synaesthetes see blue 2s and orange 5s too!

next i'd like to see the way people with full colour vision see the world... maybe show me a colour picture with no filters?

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