@owl Yeaaaah... It also made me think that English is this cool language of computers and shit. Couldn't be more wrong.

@owl Since I was a little kid I'd read all kinds of game manuals, programming manuals, computer manuals, computer magazines (which used to be much more technical at least where I lived) etc.

Not even because I wanted to use those things, I just liked knowing how things work and their stories I guess.

I miss a lot of that, even though I can access most of it online now, along with the amount of information I never dreamt of back then.

I suppose in 30 years I'll feel similar about now...

Thinking about this more, I think the set of games with manuals and the set of games I finished are disjoint.

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When I was a kid (90s) and finally got a video game I really wanted, I would first read the entire manual, no matter how big it was. And then I'd go like, hey that was a cool game.

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@RumPartov Great! How about european route E1?

@RumPartov Which cities does the european route E4 go through?

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@RumPartov Give meeeeee!!!

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@RumPartov Give me the names!

I think Finland is definitely my favourite in ETS2. It has really nice roads and pylons.

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@owl It's the only country so far where I'm following the speed limits because they actually make sense.

Norway seems like the hardest country to drive in in ETS2. Especially E16 from Bergen to Oslo.

I like how a personal domain is called a "vanity domain". Because it's somehow vain to want to be a first-class citizen on the internet, instead of tying your online presence to a bunch of megacorps (unless you're more technical, in which case you have a bit more choice).

Also introducing artificial scarcity by having people pay you to register domains (including "vanity" ones) is not vain at all. And there's no way that can go wrong.

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@RumPartov Fascinating story.

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@RumPartov Hey, what does a pirate say on their 80th birthday?

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