@Agris If psi-plus can import emoji in a reasonable way, I don't see why not. mutant.tech/download/all/ has packages with a variety of formats and naming conventions.

Dzuk tried for a while to get Mutant Standard to work as a font on various OSes with limited success. A (beta) font that should theoretically work is also downloadable on that site.

@ShadyFennec owszem in Polish, doch in German, toch in Dutch, jo in Swedish/Norwegian etc

re: bot, potentially bad 

@RumPartov Why have you been ejected from the European Parliament?

re: bot, potentially bad 

@RumPartov I first read it as "ejected".

re: 6502, ai 

@millihertz looks like the problem solved itself after running it overnight (the programs are rewarded for shortest execution time)!

* = 8000
8000 A6 01 LDX $01
8002 18 CLC
8003 65 00 ADC $00
8005 CA DEX
8006 D0 FA BNE $8002
8008 85 02 STA $02
800A 60 RTS

re: 6502, ai 

@millihertz I'm using this emulation library github.com/redcode/6502.

I know the invalid opcodes will cause undefined behaviour/crash, but for the sake of simplicity (I don't intend to use the generated code anywhere... yet :blobtongue:​ ) I'm treating them as NOPs (or whatever the emulator treats them as). I suppose I can treat it like I currently treat PC ending at 0000 ie give a ginormous penalty to the program, and maybe I'll do that next.

re: 6502, ai 

pastebin.com/3EGbMnMU if you're interested in the galaxy brain solution (arguments in $00 and $01, result in $02,$03 little-endian)

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re: 6502, ai 

Looks like its (partial) solution is "let me add X number Y times"

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re: bot, potentially bad 

@RumPartov What was the weather like?

re: explanation re: 6502, ai 

correction: if carry flag NOT set, jump to the end

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re: 6502, ai 

I'm running an experiment to see if it can evolve an 8-bit * 8-bit = 16-bit multiplier. It seems to have evolved a solution that gets the least significant byte right at least. I'll run it for a while (I could code multithreading but I have other things to do atm).

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explanation re: 6502, ai 

- put the value of A in memory (at address $00)
- rotate A right (ie divide by 2 and if doesn't divide evenly set the carry flag)
- if carry flag set, jump to the end (we're done)
- add the value from memory (original value of A) to A, with +1 due to carry (which is set); A is now original_A + A/2-1/2 (because we're rounding down) + 1 = original_A + A/2 + 1/2
- shift A left (ie multiply by 2); A is now 3 * original_A + 1
- return

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6502, ai 

I was playing with a 6502 genetic programmer and as a test I asked it to make me a program that does Collatz iteration on A register (x -> x/2 if x is even, 3x+1 if x is odd), and it came up with this cutie:

* = 8000
8000 85 00 STA $00
8002 6A ROR A
8003 90 03 BCC $8008
8005 65 00 ADC $00
8007 0A ASL A
8008 60 RTS
8009 .END

@owl If Halfdan was so here, then where is Oneandahalfdan?

bot test 

@RumPartov Who invented boolean algebra?

@chaomodus@weirder.earth and Gaius Claudius Octonion

@dzuk just TIL'd that boolean was named after a dude called Boole. So I'm trying to convince zir that integer numbers are named after Hans Integer.

neurotypicals, ableism, "giftedness" 

Stop calling any aptitudes or skills that neurodivergent people may have "gifts". It erases the agency of ND people, it reinforces harmful narratives, and it's overall creepy as fuck.

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