and probably almost every psychiatrist that ever existed

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"Persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction" and "restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities." describes APA pretty well

re: bot, potentially bad 

@RumPartov Dude, that sounds boring as fuck.

re: bot, potentially bad 

@RumPartov I thought we were in an exclusive monogamous relationship!

re: bot, potentially bad 

@RumPartov I thought I'm your partner!

@Stoori it used to be one of my favourite stim toys as a kid!

re: transphobia, performative allyship, Brighton/UK 

I suppose it compares to the audacity of them displaying a nonbinary flag while requiring a mandatory binary gender marker on their join form

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matrix, spoilery, - 

I'm really disappointed and upset about Matrix 4 because I was hoping for at least Sense8 levels queer and trans representation, and for at least one canonically enby character.

Bugs gave me enby vibes and feels enby-coded but she's canonically not (until proven otherwise) and neither is the actor (ditto) so it feels like grasping at straws and I'm so sick of that. The character to me is just dysphoria fuel with no substance.

(Don't @ me about WB insisting on cishettery)

social psa 

reminder that if you want to interact with me, i expect a minimum standard of respect

merely not being abusive is not enough - if you're acting in a way that's draining or abrasive i will likely just ignore/mute/block you

this especially applies to folks who are used to toxic and unnecessarily competitive environments (like in tech) and who might assume i consent to the kind of interactions they're used to

LB: give me cake, cis people! (cookies are accepted too)

@Stoori i'd be interested (more if it's oriented towards natural languages than artificial ones)

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