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Still can't get over the fact that my shitpost solution to the Counting Duplicates problem is several times faster than the top so-called Best Practices solution.

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I swear I'm going to get banned from codewars.

@Agris If psi-plus can import emoji in a reasonable way, I don't see why not. has packages with a variety of formats and naming conventions.

Dzuk tried for a while to get Mutant Standard to work as a font on various OSes with limited success. A (beta) font that should theoretically work is also downloadable on that site.

@ShadyFennec owszem in Polish, doch in German, toch in Dutch, jo in Swedish/Norwegian etc

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@RumPartov Why have you been ejected from the European Parliament?

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@RumPartov I first read it as "ejected".

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@millihertz looks like the problem solved itself after running it overnight (the programs are rewarded for shortest execution time)!

* = 8000
8000 A6 01 LDX $01
8002 18 CLC
8003 65 00 ADC $00
8005 CA DEX
8006 D0 FA BNE $8002
8008 85 02 STA $02
800A 60 RTS

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@millihertz I'm using this emulation library

I know the invalid opcodes will cause undefined behaviour/crash, but for the sake of simplicity (I don't intend to use the generated code anywhere... yet :blobtongue:​ ) I'm treating them as NOPs (or whatever the emulator treats them as). I suppose I can treat it like I currently treat PC ending at 0000 ie give a ginormous penalty to the program, and maybe I'll do that next.

re: 6502, ai if you're interested in the galaxy brain solution (arguments in $00 and $01, result in $02,$03 little-endian)

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Looks like its (partial) solution is "let me add X number Y times"

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@RumPartov What was the weather like?

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correction: if carry flag NOT set, jump to the end

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I'm running an experiment to see if it can evolve an 8-bit * 8-bit = 16-bit multiplier. It seems to have evolved a solution that gets the least significant byte right at least. I'll run it for a while (I could code multithreading but I have other things to do atm).

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explanation re: 6502, ai 

- put the value of A in memory (at address $00)
- rotate A right (ie divide by 2 and if doesn't divide evenly set the carry flag)
- if carry flag set, jump to the end (we're done)
- add the value from memory (original value of A) to A, with +1 due to carry (which is set); A is now original_A + A/2-1/2 (because we're rounding down) + 1 = original_A + A/2 + 1/2
- shift A left (ie multiply by 2); A is now 3 * original_A + 1
- return

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6502, ai 

I was playing with a 6502 genetic programmer and as a test I asked it to make me a program that does Collatz iteration on A register (x -> x/2 if x is even, 3x+1 if x is odd), and it came up with this cutie:

* = 8000
8000 85 00 STA $00
8002 6A ROR A
8003 90 03 BCC $8008
8005 65 00 ADC $00
8007 0A ASL A
8008 60 RTS
8009 .END

@owl If Halfdan was so here, then where is Oneandahalfdan?

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@RumPartov Who invented boolean algebra?

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