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female presenting nipple is shedding tears for her tumblr sisters

Aaaand thanks to @andrew, Orxporter 0.2.0 will have 3 renderer options now!

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Hey, I'm an orc, I've been around Masto a while. I'm some sort of designer I guess and I sometimes write the occasional thing in a toot thread, which is pretty ill-advised.

- Designing and producing a new emoji standard that aims to break the cultural homogeneity of Silicon Valley's emoji and be furry and queer as hell in the process (@mutantstd)

- Part-time fediverse nazi wrangler when I have the spoons (@blockchain)

-'s mod. πŸ’š

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Hey, I make a lot of the custom emoji you see on Mastodon instances :cat_smile_ms: :orc: :shrug_g1: :so_gay: :pentacle: :demiguy_flag: :thumbs_up_paw_x50: :transgender_symbol: :broadsword: :arcade_stick: :avocado_toast: :very_angry_ms: :hot_shit: :queer100:

It's part of a big project! You can check out to find out more and follow this account for updates.

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