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food, silly 

Hire me to write you flowery filler text for food packaging.

*keeps pressing help button frantically* why is the help not working

- 6 hours later -

why do I have 64 identical tabs open on my browser?

it's not on my lap anymore! I knew it's just a phase

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subtoot, enby, meta 

I wonder how many of the "binary" people who boosted a while ago that their account is safe for enbies, have since realised that they're nonbinary themselves.

gendered nonsense, sarcasm 

In case you didn't know, I wear black because I choose not to reinforce gender stereotypes.

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birth, gendered nonsense 

Ah yes, the 3 genders - Suprise (sic), Boy, Girl

botchat, silly 

@RumPartov How many fennecs does it take to change a lightbulb?

autism, pseudoscience 

experts: Children with autism often walk on their toes.

me: Yeah, for me it's a sensory preference.

experts: No one knows why this strange behaviour occurs.

me: It's a sensory preference.

experts: There are some theories, some experts speculate that it's a behaviour that the brain produces to reduce sensory stimulation.

me: Yeah, it's a...

experts: But ultimately, nobody knows. The strange autistic behaviour will forever remain a mystery.


oh shit, I didn't even realise D̶o̶c̶t̶o̶r̶ Andrew Wakefield is still around, let alone speaking at "conferences on vaccination"

suddenly a lot of dragons are interacting with my posts

i have broached the dragon dimension

I searched for "the cure" and Lady Gaga started playing, halp

when you agree with a post so much that you boost even the person replying that they want to boost it a thousand times

re: amiga, music 

I'm not complaining, it's a good song.

But also Lotus 2 is a good game.

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amiga, music 

"Barry Leitch's intro music for Lotus 2 is often found on playlists of retro computer music webradio stations; it contains a subliminal message in the form of a sampled voice at around the 12-second mark (played through the left channel only) which says "you will not copy this game"."

okay, i will not copy this game

but putting a Depeche Mode song called "Waiting for the Night" in the night stage (just faster and a semitone down) is fine i guess :blobthinking:

ableism, fedi, 4/4 

It's thinking that any of the above can't apply to you because you're autistic and thus know what every other autistic person should be able to do.

Ableism is expecting of individuals what should be expected of society.

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ableism, fedi, 3/4 

It's excluding them because you find how they exist and interact with the world awkward.

It's not giving them the chance to learn things, or not accepting that sometimes they can't.

It's the culture of performative leftist wokeness, where people are judged and included based on their ability to navigate first-world social shibboleths, rather than met where they're at and nurtured to be the best they can be.

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ableism, fedi, 2/4 

It's relying on and judging people by arbitrary standards. It's having standards that don't empower disabled people in the first place.

It's conflating infodumping with splaining, passion with arrogance, and honesty with rudeness.

It's making people afraid to interact with you or to take part in the community, because they struggle to connect or communicate, because they have social anxiety, or because they're afraid of fucking up.

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ableism, fedi, 1/4 

Reminder that fedi is still full of casual ableism.

Ableism isn't just the slurs, or not writing image descriptions when you're able to.

It's also expecting people to realise or know things that you think are obvious.

It's perceiving everyone as having a similar degree of ability just because they can type text in a box.

It's not being aware of - or being suspicious of - social, communication or cognitive disabilities.

It's expecting people to know how to describe images.

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