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parastat dev 

fucking around with a test Parastat instance, me using a CLI client and @dzuk using the Web client

re: hrt, re: (a)gender feels 

i wish i had a less hypocritical framework for how i view my presentation in the context of being agender

like, i have my own aesthetic, that isn't stereotypically masculine or feminine

i also nope out of gender for multiple reasons

is there a connection between the above two things? who knows

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hrt, re: (a)gender feels 

hormones are fucking wild, i didn't think i'll ever look like this

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(a)gender feels 

me: nonbinary has no look, if you're nonbinary you already look nonbinary

also me: *looks in the mirror* aaaaa i look so ungendered 🤩

re: goth, gatekeeping 

Imagine being like 55 years old and being so insecure about being a member of what's basically a music genre fanclub that you shout at kids for not wearing proper attire or listening to proper songs.

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goth, gatekeeping 

Why do boomer goths whine in the comments section of good music about how goth after the 80s isn't really goth and all the kids don't respect their elders or some sacred goth tradition bla bla bla? If those were the goths of the 80s I don't feel like I've missed much tbh.

Funnily enough, the ones I know IRL who were young adults in the 80s, are totally chill, and even call me a goth (even though I don't see myself as one), just because I know the music and wear black.

help, people are laughing at me for providing succinct no-nonsense documentation

if i take felisteride, will i grow cat ears?

pronouns, botchat 

@RumPartov What do you think about Spivak pronouns?

re: pronouns 

I'm still testing Spivak pronouns tbh. I really like them in writing, but not so much spoken, because in h-dropping accents "e" sounds like "he" and That's A Problem.

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Since personal pronouns are an open class in English (and if you disagree, go yeet yourself!), I just came up with a version of Spivak pronouns I like even more, at least in writing! (I'm still unsure about spoken Spivak and variants)

I like 'æ' much more than 'e'! Also, having an uncommon letter makes the pronouns more prominent, for easier parsing of sentences.

(I'm almost sure someone came up with this set before, but I derived it myself from my preferences)


I'm also using Spivak pronouns now (e/em/eir/emself). Not sure how to display my preferences when I'm using 3 sets (and may end up comfortable with more in the future) in places where I need to be succinct though. I guess I'll just do "it/they" or "e/they".


What if Transport Tycoon, but you can also play in first person mode and can also do Truck Simulator, Train Simulator, Ship Simulator and Flight Simulator


ETS2 almost on par with N++ on Steam.

Both are very good games, but I should be playing N++ much more, especially if I hope to actually finish it.

okay, i think i finally get why Tellburg

i think it's because NY has Williamsburg roughly in that area, and William Tell was a marksman?

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watching a Let's Play of Grand Theft Auto and just understood a lot of references that i missed when i played it as a teenager, like that Liberty City is basically a recreation of New York

@RumPartov What do you think about the plan to convert Norrland into a queer commune?

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