@l4nn1312 EJ was on a wobbly's twitch stream trying to convince them. The wob was pretty hesitate because he didn't feel like we are ready.


those legs? they go all the way up, and up, and even further up, and they go up to more legs

Is it time for that General Strike thing yet? Fuck the capitalists, they obviously don't give a shit about us. Let's give a shit about ourselves and leave to starve and die. They'd pay us the same courtesy.

🚨PSA 🚨
If you live in New York State and you see stores price gouging please call the 2-1-1 number (during business hours) and snitch on them ! We are in a state of emergency and prices need to remain reasonable.

My roommate pointed out to me I might have already had COVID-19 before the government was admitting it was already here, because when I had what was diagnosed as bronchitis in January and missed a week of work, I had a high fever, a horrific cough, and fatigue, so there's at least a chance I already went through it

Anarchism's strength is partly it's a ability to quickly reconfigure. All organizations are temporary. When they get toxic, they're discarded. This is also a weakness. A lack of institutional memory. Repetition of the same mistakes. A gradual jettisoning of people.

:antifa: Today: Solidarity with migrants and antifa in Greece. :ancomheart:

Meet 6pm outside the Holland Park tube station. The demo will march to the Greek embassy. Bring a a mask, or one will be provided. :black_bloc_blob:


If your work is not helping the world, sabotage. Smash the gears that grind us.

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