seen a couple of handhelds on taobao I kinda want but... are they worth the hassle of purchasing items with a battery from taobao in this day and age... no probably not

do i even have the space for them? no

why do i want them? one has a funny name and the other might have interesting built in games but on the other hand it might not

not really worth it is it

I thought I'd give it a go, fuck it, they aren't too expensive or too big, why not, I'll sell some others to make room (I will not)

So I found an agent, emailed them to confirm it was ok to ship these items, they said yeah sure fine no problem

So ordered them both. One was purchased. The other was refunded saying they can't buy electronic items.

Been emailing back and forth with their support trying to figure out what the problem is with that particular item and they are driving me insane with the number of ways they have dodged the question

It should be a simple question right???? Like I accept you won't buy it but I just want to know why so I can understand what is and isn't okay to order through your service

Every reply I get from them is like they've only read my most recent email and forgotten everything I said in every previous one
They've just now asked what I'm trying to buy and where I want it shipped to
I told them that like three fucking times already


So their latest reply said they can buy it after all so I'm trying again
Wish me luck

they actually bought it this time!! they were very clear that if it gets seized by customs then it's my problem but oh well i can but try

i think if i can get this one it'll be the last famiclone i ever need to buy tbh. you'll know when you see it

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