even though i was considering getting a new laptop i've now started thinking "hey what if i got a new desktop instead" hmmmmm
i prefer using a desktop in many ways tbh & my current one is ancient

i would probably have to keep the old one around for now for certain purposes (e.g. rom dumping) but could at least re-case it in a more compact case and only hook it up when i need it


i would probably like to build my own but i would have to buy a fucking windows license wouldn't i

I'm now thinking what if I Just Got A Laptop and docked it in with all my desktop shit (monitors, mouse & keyboard etc) when i want to go desktop-mode 🤔​

then i could just have one computer for everything & the high price of the laptop would be less of a stinger since it'd be replacing two things lol

@mavica_again well i'd want to use windows on it

i have a couple of old win 7 keys that i've been using with the free upgrade path for about 15 years but apparently that doesn't work anymore

@lion i've never paid for a windows license in my life and i've never used anything but windows, so

@mavica_again tbh i've never paid for it either, i got those keys free from uni, but since they were legit & i always had them i never had a reason to pirate it (at least not since XP) & had kinda just assumed that MS would have their shit locked down enough to stop people doing it by now
but i guess they do not lmao

@lion @mavica_again yeah its actually far easier to do now than it ever was in the Win7 days; tbh I don't think they care enough otherwise they could easily put a stop to it.

@lion There are... ways around that, but I am literally too dumb to understand it.


@lion You can just get a USB3 to HDMI dongle thingy and output video through that.

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