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hey, what are some good open source alternatives to discord?

(please boost if you can)

@lizardsquid riot seemed cool to me, had no one to use it with tho

@lizardsquid oh wait lol i'm being told that's just a matrix client, so...

seconding ppl sayin gmatrix i guess

@catalina @lizardsquid I've been using this for work recently, and it seems pretty good so far. I haven't used Discord so I can't help compare, though.

@starchy @lizardsquid it’s marketed as a slack clone as opposed to a discord clone, but i’m not sure what the difference would be other than a lack of #gameing integrations

@lizardsquid Your choices are Mumble, Mumble, or if you're feeling adventurous, Mumble.

But really, Mumble has all the features you'll need, and plugins for the really esoteric stuff you don't, so just go with Mumble. Both the client and server are very extendable, and there are several options for extendable clients and servers that offer different options and features as their base setup. You really can't find anything with as many options for you as Mumble. Did I mention it's extendable?

@lizardsquid What are your needs, specifically? Discord has 4-5 major types of functions as well as network effects.

@lizardsquid I'm on mobile right now so I'll just suggest
I used it to find replacement for most everything on my pc

@lizardsquid Maybe zulip, though that is more of a slack alternative...

results (sorted by most suggested):

* matrix (6 suggestions)
* mattermost (3 suggestions)
* irc (2 suggestions)
* mumble (1 suggestion)
* wire (1 suggestion)

@lizardsquid of these i use only wire. i'm not sure i'd call any of them alternatives to discord tho really...

@lizardsquid maybe an alternative might be an XMPP app that wraps different channels/servers to a single interface?

@lizardsquid I've found Matrix to be a pretty good alternative. The only problem I have with it is the same one with all free social media: friends not using it.

@lizardsquid IRC is the gold standard for text, Mumble for simple voice (and IIRC it can do text chat too, so it's the most direct analogue to Discord) I guess?

There's also Asterisk, but PBX software, setting up conference bridges, and using SIP clients is likely massive overkill for anything that would use Discord, unless you really want to play with Asterisk for some reason. (One IRC channel I was in actually did that, though, for voice. I got an ATA and a rotary dial phone just for that.)