Hey all, I've moved to @mary because misskey is cool

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what does google adsense think I'm into lmao (yes, I ordinarily block ads, this particular domain I have whitelisted)

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storing the dictionary in the blockchain

Oops, didn't mean to make that sensitive, but oh well

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I made a thingy! If anyone wants the actual file (inkscape SVG), just ask! I was making stickers out of them until I realised the vinyl I have doesn't actually stick to my printer's ink so it ended up all over my hand (think whiteboards, but with printed stuff)

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I have finally made a little place for my emoji side projects

It currently contains the Hbomberguy DK64 fan emoji I made and the first batch of game controller emoji!

Yep, you can download them now!

-> noct.zone/emoji/

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lifehack: pour some milk into your bowl of cereal for the classic "breakfast" taste

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

Miku created Minecraft redd.it/b74tso

⚠️ if you're reading this you're cute and valid ⚠️

cursed idea: what if you could unlock your phone by doing Funny Fortnite Dance

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what is "free software"? why do people say software isn't free, even though you can download it for free from the app store? (long, serious) 

there are a lot of ways you could define "free software". for example, you could say candy crush or CCleaner is free software, because you can install it for free.

when people say that software is "free as in freedom", or "libre", they mean something else. under these definitions, neither candy crush nor CCleaner would be free software. in order to be free by these definitions, software needs to fulfill these four criteria:
- the ability to run the software for any reason, without restrictions. this means that the free version of teamviewer is not libre, as it tells you that you must purchase a license to use it commercially.
- being able to study and modify the program's inner workings. this requires the source code being available. software that doesn't provide the source code thus cannot fulfill this term, and software like snapchat, which bans users for running modified versions, is definitely not one of these.
- being allowed to redistribute the software. if you buy a macbook, you can install updates for free, but you certainly aren't allowed to redistribute these updates.
- being allowed to distribute modified versions to others. if you're not allowed to download the app, make some changes, and send that to people, it breaks this rule. the youtube app is free, but google wouldn't allow you to do this.

all of the software mentioned in those four basic rules is "free", but not free. this distinction is often used by saying "gratis" or "libre" - gratis software is free as in "free donuts", but libre software is free as in "freedom".

as with anything, it's hard to make clear cut rules to define what is and isn't an example of libre software. the cooperative software license prohibits most companies from using the software, but is otherwise entirely libre. this violates the first rule above, but i would say it's still a free software license, although the free software foundation would disagree with me on that.

here's a link to the cooperative software license: coinsh.red/c/csl.txt - check section 4 for the restrictions mentioned above.

and finally, here's a link to the FSF's article on what is and isn't free software. this is where those four rules came from - the FSF calls them the four essential freedoms. gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.en.

neither of these links are necessarily an endorsement of the contain contained within.


question, potentially controversial 

people: what exactly do you propose instead of police?

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why is there still not enough minecraft letsplays on peertube

do i really need to fuel this economy

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