"When completed, this Galaxy Explorer will feature 3 retractable landing pads."

all my other lego is from decades ago, i don't think i've ever seen just a classic 2x4 this pristine

here comes bag 4, and the question is... just what was in that coffee??

the construction of the edge bits is incredibly clever and looks really snazzy... and now it's time for bag 5 and an upside-down clone

oh this is so clever!!

"The astronauts' beds are designed so they can lie down without taking their air tanks off."

we have interior details! beds and little cubby holes with gear!

bag 7 brings us cockpit materials and the last astronaut with... some assembly required...

Oh yeah this set is awesome!
Especially the mechanism with the cargo bay later on

@marlowe toys??? i'll have you know this is an accurate scientific model

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