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the only thing i miss quote posting for is adding another layer of funny to bot posts

for those who don't know yet, my finacée and us are in the long arduous process of getting married as a couple separated by the atlantic ocean. we've posted an update to our fundraiser that's allowing us to make that happen:

world's gonna be a heck of a better place once a lot of people start learning to say "my bad"

warms my heart a lil bit every time i see someone with an avatar that was recognisably taken with

my metric of "made it" is that when i first made , googling "webgbcam" would prompt "Did you mean: Webcam". it no longer does that

in an earnest tone like Alexey Pajitnov says "Play Tetris!", use webgbcam!

sometimes blocking someone online isn't enough. i want to slap them across the face so they get some sense into them

★ New blog post: Otherkin-friendly CAPTCHAs, revisited.

Some folks have asked me how I make CAPTCHAs respect my non-human identity. The short answer is I copied code from @mavica_again. The longer-ish answer is this.

The trademark alone gives Mastodon gGmbH huge power, it lets them tell any server using the word "mastodon" in its domain name what software or forks it can use.

And it's getting worse. Mastodon gGmbH is now making official apps which direct people to sign up on instead of a random trusted server or choice of trusted servers.

The more people sign up on, the more tempting Mastodon gGmbH becomes as a takeover target.


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Here's what Eugen Rochko's Mastodon gGmbH organisation now controls:

-The Mastodon server software (though the current version is FOSS)
-The server, which has 1 in 7 of all Fediverse users
-The official Mastodon apps, now telling people to just sign up on
-The official website at
-The trademark for the word "mastodon", which lets them dictate terms to any server which uses it

This is a tempting package for any potential buyers.


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new links on the #linkcache

Dave's Old Computers - Website maintained by engineer Dave Dunfield showcasing his collection of vintage computers and equipment. Can be loaded from IE 1.0!

Evan Collin's Aesthetics Collection - A curated profile dedicated to different aesthetics across the decades. Very fun to browse around stuff like "Bubbleglam" and "Wacky PoMo"!

had a dream i found so many vintage computer stuff dumpster diving. massive pile of floppies. a full sealed pack of rainbow colour ones. even some zip disks. i think if you dream of something really cool and you really want it you should be allowed to wake up with it materialised in your arms

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