it's just very obvious that this was built by developers without the kind of oversight that would ensure that it has an accessible experience for users who aren't developers themselves... the non-thought of computer engineers. which isn't the worst thing ever but it's hard to transition from a product designed to be used by any idiot with a computer to smth that requires me to like, understand it

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i'm still thinking about what i do and don't like about masto. the issue i think is that the reasons i like it are kind of abstract (no threat of random suspension, not subject to corporate interests) whereas the issues i have are like. very direct in my user experience

the playlist i was listening to vs. the song spotify selected to play next

i'm logging all the pros/cons between masto and twt in my brain... having both is at the moment too much social media load for my brain (altho i have the same mutuals on both) so i'm thinking and thinking

i have no earthly idea how public my posts are rn so if i seem like i’m running through the town square nude then please have the understanding that i’m your grandfather who doesn’t know what is going on bc the town square and the clothes are made of computers

obv if everyone moved to masto this aspect would cease to exist but i’m enjoying the smallness over here

i fell asleep so hard i’m now about to d**. i guess i can say “die” here

we're discussing various ways to pose as chorizaboos so the spanish government deigns to let us use a .es domain

this is a joke i think that european culture should expire

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kinnies for the promotion of spanish cultural heritage

i've just been unable to speak or think for several minnutes just laughing at toot and fart and shit

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