i have no earthly idea how public my posts are rn so if i seem like i’m running through the town square nude then please have the understanding that i’m your grandfather who doesn’t know what is going on bc the town square and the clothes are made of computers

@oraluchiaru under the bit where you type your toots there's a little globe icon, if you click that you'll get 4 options for post privacy

global goes to everyone, unlisted doesn't show in public timelines like local or federated but is viewable on your user page and to your followers, followers only is well followers only, private only goes to those you mention in that specific post (like a DM)

@oraluchiaru 5, 5 options

I forgot we added that one

there's "local" as well, which only goes to people on this instance

@oraluchiaru no problem!

if you go to your settings page (by clicking the gear at the top of the left column) you can set any of those as default as well

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