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Esel gestreichelt & gewandert. Schweindis gestreichelt. Schafe gekuschelt. <3

This is one of my favorite weird mice: a Bluetooth combo mouse and number pad with built in calculator, made by Canon. There’s a button you can use to send the result of your calculations to the computer.

Es passiert. Es hat ein Veröffentlichungsdatum. Es ist das wovor Nehammer Angst hat. Es ist ... »Sonderzeichen« - eine TIAN-Anthologie mit tollen Texten von tollen Menschis. Freu mich wie narrisch drauf!!

#trans #inter #nichtbinär #lgbtqia

Spotify, can you please keep religious-flavored propaganda songs that I have already marked as "do not play" out of my playlists? Every time again

Esel gestreichelt & gewandert. Schweindis gestreichelt. Schafe gekuschelt. <3

I'd put money on there being a higher regret rate for Harry Potter tattoos than gender affirming care

Several cloven-hoofie moments yesterday. Good day. 🐑🐐

Vieles von den Dingen, die #RobBubble hier erwähnt, sage ich seit vielen Monaten in meinen Reden auf Demonstrationen und in Interviews. Ich hoffe, es erreicht diesmal auch Leute, die andere Inhalte konsumieren. Danke dafür!

„Kannst Du über den Text noch mal mit Arschlochaugen drübergehen und nach möglichen Haken suchen?“

„Du meinst Argusaugen.“

„Nein, ich mein, Du sollst den Text wie die Arschlöcher lesen, die sich an jeder Kleinigkeit aufhängen werden.“

Viewed only one YT video that was personally recommended to me and YT immediately suggested anti-trans shit. No, YT, I won't view it and thanks for the algorithm.

Greenhouse Rosa is an abandoned glasshouse located in a picturesque thermal spa town in Italy. This beautiful early 20th Century polychrome greenhouse closed in the 1990s. Now it is being swallowed by nature, year after year.

#abandoned #italy #greenhouse #nature #lostplace #photo

It might very well not be an original thought, but it just crossed my mind. The reason why there are so many white cishet guys within the #FLOSS community is likely to some parts because they don't have to struggle in their lives as hard as many minorities. Being able to contribute to FLOSS projects is a privilege that you have: resource wise (time, money), mental stability, less likely to struggle with daily tasks. 1/7

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