LB mastodon client experiment 

I think a client that's focused around people, organized like a chat/message client, is a really cool concept

I think that's why I use lists a lot on mastodon and Twitter, to better see what a specific subset of the people I follow are up to

The Brothers Lionheart anime adaptation when?

It's already 100% an isekai

Just calculated how long my YouTube watch later playlist is and... :blobsweats:​ I use my watch later playlist as a place for videos I *will definitely* watch, so seeing that it's grown to 30 hours is... concerning.

I used to have a strict rule of no more that 8 videos or total of 4 hours of watch time in my watch later playlist. I guess I just don't have as much time to watch videos anymore and I need change how I think about this.

Clothes, + 

Currently wearing a slim fit t-shirt and it's making me feel so sexy, I've got curves, I've got a waist, love it

You know you're at a good party when there's a token cis guy

How did this happen?

Well, I can't send SMS text messages with my new phone because it doesn't have a SIM card, it's still in my old phone, but I did try it in my new phone so the google messages app is set up with my number

My old phone has a different SMS app

So, I send an SMS text from my old phone to my partner, and when my partner replies using google messages app it sees that I'm available in chat and so sends the reply as a chat message which is received by my new phone

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So, I'm in the process of moving to a new phone, but I have not had the time to make the switch complete, and I've ended up in a weird place

So, right now I have both phones with me and I can only send text messages with my old phone and receive messages with my new phone πŸ˜…

As of yesterday, I have been 7 months on HRT :flag_transgender:​ and today I've been together with my partner for 6 months! ❀️

or, you could watch this year's video, with much the same words, but re-recorded and with snow:
"We're here because we're here"

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I recommend that you watch this sometime around new year's:
"Auld Lang Syne: The Anthropocene Reviewed"

Nothing has made me appreciate electric light as much as not having had any working lamps in the bathroom for the last week

Note that birdsite is not on the list, cause I don't expect to continue using that site for much longer

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Just threw together a website with my socials on it after the latest rule change on birdsite, check it out!

I'm so glad I've put all my loose items in my handbags into a pouch, so nice not to have random crap floating around in my handbag

I'm in love with now 😍

Just did some fun stuff with iterators and I'm loving it!

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