Ok, so Twitter question. I got a message my archive was ready to download on sunday. Didn’t see it before yesterday. Right after I downloaded my secondary accounts archive I tried main, but the button was fades and said «temorarily unavailable».

Any ideas for tools that I can use Semiphemeral or what its called only gets approx 3500 of the over 14000 tweets. I might have to set fire to everything without saving, but if there is any way to download/extract that would be preferable.


In case anyone runs into the same problem. This was directly tied to having a registeret phone number and 2FA enabled. When disabled it works.
Also it seems like Semiphemeral took care of almost all the tweets, just not at the same time. There were a number left, but they could be deleted within a few minutes manuelt, so it wasn’t a big number.

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