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Got an updated ref from SolarBrace a few years ago, showing the hair at the time, though the ref is out of date as I'm now she/her rather than they/them. ^^

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Got myself a ref sheet done by and I freaking love it so much!!! It feels really affirming to have this <3333

The cold of the garage was making it hard for me to really concentrate on practicing my DJing. Moved everything inside onto a custom built desk and it's now much easier for me to practice. :)

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It's 1987. The Metropolitan Police are waging an intimidation campaign against London's LBTQ+ community.

Wearing rubber gloves to "protect from AIDS" they raid the Royal Vauxhall Tavern

"Well well," says Lily Savage (Paul O'Grady) from the stage as the police pile into the venue. "It looks like we’ve got help with the washing up" /1

Got a week and two days (3rd March) to put together a DJ demo and I'm having an anxiety problem trying to decide what to play/do for it.

Also can't decide if I want to use CDJs or a controller. Too much choice. X)

Once AI works out how to do hands then this deepfake crap is going to be one of the biggest problems the world has faced. It has the potential to be extremely damaging and we are sleepwalking into a nightmare with this. I hate everything about it.

It's 2023. "Gosh, we didn't realize how people would misuse this" just isn't believable anymore.

Bare minimum, with any new tech:
1) How would a stalker use this?
2) What will 4chan do with this?

And don't release, not even as alpha or beta, before mitigating those risks.

#AIethics #ethNLP

I have ADHD. Conference talks and videos are not documentation.

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Hey please if you've seen this and you've heard me DJing before please tell me when and what style it was (if you can remember)? Having a bit of anxiety because I can't make up my mind what to make a demo with, haha.

After some MOT issues car is back up and running again. Looking forward to doing some ham radio and camping weekends in the near future, once campsites start opening and the weather gets better.

Silvermane (Ysengrin) and YellowFang (Lance Pope) posing outside Haunted Verdun Manor when it was back in Forney, 1995 or so. Wish Lance was still around, he passed away twenty years ago.

#WerewolfWednesday #Werewolf #Fursuit #Haunt

if a hacker isn’t furry or furry adjacent, are they really a hacker?

Kinda thinking about putting together a psy/goa trance, breakbeat, old school rave set for ConFuzzled this year. πŸ€”

Oh damn, the time snuck up on me. 15 minutes until Silent Hill, folks...

I am a cosplayer and fursuit maker from the Czech Republic πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ώ. I make toony and semi-realistic fursuits with expressive faces, and also blanks and accessories (resin, silicone) for d-i-y kits!

To see if I take commissions, check out my BIO!

#fursuitmaker #Fursuit #furry #fursuitaccessories #fursuitsupplies #headbase #CosplayCrafts #introduction #resinblanks #cosplay #commission

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