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Just got off the phone with my GP, he suggested that I self refer to the local GIC as it'll be quicker than waiting 2 weeks for us to meet again for an appointment to go through pretty much the same form, lol.

Gonna do that when I get home tonight! 💜🏳️‍⚧️

Long time coming but ahhhhh finally!!!
Those of you who knew me in the early 2000s, and knew I was trans back then (there are a couple of you), you were right. 💜💜

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Got an updated ref from SolarBrace a few years ago, showing the hair at the time, though the ref is out of date as I'm now she/her rather than they/them. ^^

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Got myself a ref sheet done by and I freaking love it so much!!! It feels really affirming to have this <3333

It‘s december and you know what that means!

(Quelle unbekannt)

Honestly network-wide adblocking is part of the minimum for network security IMO.

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LB: Everyone should adblock nowadays. If advertisers don't want adblockers then they should fix the problems in their networks.

If a website won't load because you've got an adblock then hit the bricks.

Also if you run your own network and have a home server/pi handy, then you should use this too:

You walk along a path in a forest. There's nobody around and birds, chirping various melodies, are the only ones, accompanying you. The ground is covered in leaves and branches, making cracking sounds, whenever you take your next step. Suddenly a wild foxo appears, staring at you :blobfoxpeekowo: What do you do?

Think twice before doing your next move, this #fursuitfriday. Wish you all a great weekend :3

📷: @furregan_the_fox on Instagram :blobfoxheartcute:

#furry #furryfandom #fursuit #fursuiter #fursuiting

Hey who sold my blueprints to the Swedish!? They're top secret!!

Art by @moon

Just noticed this on the calendar

The firth, seconth, and thirth of December!

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