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Did you know that #XScreenSaver (yes, the collection of screensavers for X11) is available on Android?

And that #Google requires it to have a privacy policy in order to be available in the Play Store?

And that the maintainer chose to crowd-source a privacy policy where every item starts with "Unlike Google"?

It's become a great list of all the privacy violations Google did and still does. And I thought that it's gonna be long, but it's even longer than I imagined.

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The Verge reports today that "Windows engineers are scrambling to get additional changes tested and ready for the release of Copilot+ PCs next week."

It also says "Recall was developed in secret at Microsoft, and it wasn’t even tested publicly with Windows Insiders."

I've also been told Microsoft security and privacy staff weren't provided Recall, as the feature wasn't made available broadly internally either.

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What's this? a gift from the Fairy Queen?~🧚‍♀️

YOLK -the fantasy font I designed for Yolk Heroes- is now free to use for everyone!

Special thanks to @pixelcowboy, who kindly offered to share this font with the community for free!

If you got Yolk Heroes on Steam, please don't forget to leave a review!!! (and if you didn't, please buy a copy. you'll have fun, I promise!)

#free #font #gamedev #pixelart #idlegame

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If you have a moment and a little bit to spare, please donate to this wonderful charity. Simon will be familiar to many people for the Channel 5 / Discovery series "Wildlife SOS", following the wildlife rehabilitation and rescue centre he set up. He lost his battle with cancer last night.

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just called ai "the mediocrity machine" in a meeting and a tech bro is twitching so hard he can't even plug this into the mediocrity machine so it can tell him how to respond

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Asking on behalf of a friend who is losing their vision: what screen reading software do you use?

Do me (and them) a favor and boost?

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State of the art anti-cheat techniques: Roblox detects if you have the string "x86dbg" in a window title (or window?), so kids are changing their display names and discord server names to x86dbg to get people kicked from Roblox.

If you do a search for this, links to big discussions on Roblox forums return "Sorry that page is private", so I guess that's their solution to the problem?

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@suricrasia do the zoomers know the whole show is basically like this

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Adding helicopters near the start of game dev:
"A Helicopter is a Vehicle."

Adding helicopters late in game dev:
"When you think about it, a Helicopter is really just a very advanced type of Door."

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Many, many years ago, a new specification called "XML" emerged. After a bit, people realized it was kinda useful for some stuff.

Then, something happened.


I imagine many conversations between managers / developers somewhat like this:

M: "So, what is the nice thing with #XML

D: "oh, it is a specification that simplifies stuff, since tools have a clean format to work with."

M: "So, what kinda specifications?"

D: "Oh, it can be more or less anything."

M: *starry eyed!* "an.. an... anything?"

I was teaching computer courses for companies at that point. Suddenly, my calendar was just packed with XML courses.

It is like very limited what you can teach, it is not really complex, so you talk surrounding technologies. But not...

"Our boss wants us to replace the SQL db with XML?"


"We gonna use XML instead of MS SQL"

"... what?"

"He said XML can be used for anything..."

If you think companies with #AI plans have actual plans, with a strategy make sense, please think of this story.

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kill the conservative inside you

and if you can, the one outside you too

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If you see someone shoplifting food; no you didn't.

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Just an FYI, if you get a message like this from someone on discord then it’s a scam.

I just got this and it set off alarm bells; why would discord ask someone to message me instead of messaging me directly?

A few minutes of googling and I confirmed that 1) discord does not deal with violations in this way and 2) that it’s a scam to steal your account and likely some money too.

This is how discord deals with violations:

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Google search thinks you should use glue to stick together a pizza as its AI is trained on Reddit, where 11 years ago a user called “fucksmith” posted suggesting it was a good idea.

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Horrible when those in charge make decisions that make your life much harder for purely selfish reasons without giving a crap about your situation, isn't it. Just awful.

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if you build electronic devices which contain a raspberry pi in them, consider what will happen if one of them gets thrown out.
someone might open them up, stick the microSD card in them into a reader, and open up that tantalizing "apps.json" file which has YOUR GOD DAMN AWS KEYS? IN UNENCRYPTED PLAIN TEXT?

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