@squirrel wh


these are good

these are GOOD



the melodies and everything and the instrument choice is brilliant! and I genuinely have a hard time believing those are standard general midi instruments because they sound fantastic!

@squirrel okay i just

i just looked through the discography and saw the splinter zone soundtrack and I used to do tracker music too ages and ages back but...

wow this stuff, both the Splinter Zone soundtrack and the "music for people and their games" albums are the sort of music I'd be looking up to and going "Oh wow I wish I could create stuff like that!"

Hell I'm sitting here going "I wish I could create music that good! Wow!" right now. This is brilliant stuff omg!

@squirrel No I'm serious this is fantastic stuff! You've got a great ear for melodies and rhythms and catchy beats and it's just WONDERFUL! All of it is! You've got phenomenal musical ability and skill!

@squirrel No joke, no exaggeration, I would actually WALK TO A SHOP to BUY A PHYSICAL COPY OF THIS

@squirrel Seriously, I have amazon prime, I don't walk to a shop for anything, but I would for this

@squirrel Ooh, if you fancy doing physical tapes of this I'd buy one

And then try to figure out where to get a decent tape deck from

@squirrel I need to stop being constantly broke so I can buy this music.

@squirrel omfg


😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻 😻

this is amazing

@squirrel squirl these are so good. <3 They're really thematic, I can totally envision a scene for each track. "Last-Chance Refueling Station" is funky and feels like a diner/gas station on an asteroid somewhere, "Fuzzy's World" feels like an arcade/sport thing... it's great. :)

@noelle fuzzy's world of miniature space golf is actually a cover of a dos game of the same name!

@squirrel going back to Splinter Zone, one of my favorite things is when the music feels like it's incorporating diegetic (in-world) sounds, like the alarms at the beginning of "Boss Incoming". :)

@squirrel already bought this album and I think I listen to it at least once a week. It's so charming!

@squirrel in particular Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf is my JAM

@LANthus sadly i can't claim full credit for that, that one track is a cover from a dos game

@squirrel well, it fits perfectly in-line with the rest of the album

@squirrel not a game I'm familiar with. Shame we don't have a known artist for this soundtrack. It's very charming in that sharewarey adlib style.

@LANthus yes!!! this is exactly my sentiment about it and that's why i wanted to make that homage to it


is very good music thing yall should listen and like monetarily support it hopefully

@squirrel Great stuff, thanks for posting! I hear all kinds of influences in there. Just bought a copy of the album on Bandcamp!

@squirrel You're most welcome! One of the things I love love LOVE about the fediverse is the diversity of the community in general but all the artists in specific :) I have very little artistic talent myself but I enjoy it a lot and find it inspires my creative side in whatever I do.

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