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if i haven't accepted your follow request
- i might not know you enough
- i might not feel comfortable sharing my private toots with you
- i still welcome you to interact with me otherwise in public toots

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hey quick reminder you can support computer fairies either by buying me a coffee or getting some cool merch!

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this sums up what just happened except it happened yet again and it has me spiraling into a suicidal mood crash again. thanks for reading.

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As a reminder, Computer Fairies does not tolerate any kind of racism or harassment tactics such as gaslighting and strawman arguments. Thank you.

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promise promise promise. i will not mention him again. slap me if i do.

also if you go into her mentions to give her anything but love i swear i will claw your skin out

hey y'all please show my girlfriend @noelle some love tonight cause she totes needs it.

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