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interpreting something not lewd as lewd Show more

the bedroom of hackable devices grows, you can now modify the processing sketch on the pocketchip AND a shoddily rigged rgb night light!

i wanna continue this until my bedroom is covered in little trinkets people can modify remotely ;u;

an important message from resident lesbian computer, maple syrup

YES!!!! the whole touchscreen is working fine this time! i can finally use this again ;;

my castroville artichoke festival shirt is fading :c

so @troubleMoney figured out how to ssh into my computer and

just a normal programming discord channel

dear arduino and shield manufacturers please make your leds dimmer

did you know that if you join my discord server you can literally hack me?

link in follower-only reply to this toot, or please ask me first

images CW glitchy text

amazon's customer answers are a treasure

jesus christ look at all of this !!! i made all of this!! wow

did you know: i have a "demoscreen" set up on my desk and you can use Processing to control it

link is in a followers-only reply to this toot, or ask me (for trust reasons)

i haven't seen the contacts list this full in nearly a decade

2013 me set up sheepshaver on this computer and 2018 me forgot about it and just found out