- a microSD card weighs somewhere around 0.4g
- the highest capacity microSD that's easily available is 256GB
- a trebuchet can throw a 90kg projectile over 300m

90kg worth of microSD cards is 225,000 of them

Therefore a trebuchet can throw 57.6PB of data over 300m

This would have the highest throughput of any telecommunications network ever created


At the risk of resurrecting my previous toot on the matter which ended up killing my notifications for a solid week, the new 1TB microSD cards just announced by SanDisk and Micron would mean that IPoverTrebuchet now supports packets of 225 petabytes

Dumb 2000s era politics joke 

@troubleMoney see, IPoverTrebuchet is great for large singular data packages but the ping is just too low for good response times. Is like to suggest a bush-era sneakernet. Fill a sneaker with sdcards and throw it at the recipient. The recipient can range the data, put their response in, and return the sneaker.

In this way, the recipient does not need their own debugger for two way communication. The throughput will be lower, though, I'll admit.

@troubleMoney People joke about data companies shipping crates full of hard drives/flash devices, but it is still the fastest data transfer rate available. Other than IP-over-trebuchet, anyway.


fancy Cisco router whips out a jumbo ethernet frame...

That's not a packet

(whips out a bundle of 1TB SD cards)

THAT's a packet

@troubleMoney 2 10G network cards replace 10 micro sd cards. I'm pretty sure you're gonna get more bandwidth per money with that

@troubleMoney we need to look at amending RFC 1149 to include this additional aerial transport mechanism.

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