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You always think of immortals as being old ancient people who have been around for centuries, with or without eternal youth

It would totally suck to be a new immortal

"I'm immortal"
"dude, I'm 40, immortal, still just 40"

"what ancient knowledge can you pass on to us?"
"I dunno, how to wire a plug?"

@troubleMoney i like that this is still taught in UK schools. it's a handy skill to have. i've had to do it about a dozen or so times

@troubleMoney Alternatively:

"I'm immortal and ancient!"
"Dude, I lived in Sweden until airplanes were invented."

@kirby "tell me about the roman empire!"
"I was a farmer"
"...okay, tell me about the babylonians!"
"I was a farmer, in a different part of the world"
"tell me about the aztecs!"
"again, farmer, different part of the world"

@troubleMoney cf. The Old Guard :)

(The audience stand-in is someone who just got her immortality)

@troubleMoney reading this i sort of got the image of an immortal who is potentially millennia old or more, but who only remembers the most recent 40 years of their life, and hence is "still just 40"

@troubleMoney I see a story here. "Born Yesterday", or "Baby Immortal", say.

@troubleMoney That's one of my peeves about vampires/immortals in fiction - they always just happen to have met every famous or influential historical figure, and/or been influential in important historical events.

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